Wednesday, June 19, 2024

New Items! No Limit, Raw Blue DSP’s and More

by Cristina

I picked up the new Raw Blue Dance Studio Pants which I had been hoping we would see. I’m almost certain they will be keepers, especially since they can be worn as crops in the spring/summer. I also got two No Limit Tanks in size 8 (TTS) which I’m unsure about keeping. The Aruba seems almost too green pastel on me and the White/Light Grey Pique is too see thru. I like how light and airy they are and I think I can run in them as the Flow Y is what I usually use when I run, but I don’t love the patch of skin you see on the side under the Flow Y and I also feel a little hip-hop in it. It may also be too poofy for my short stature. I dunno…what do you guys think? My sister may be calling dibs on one of these I’m sure as they are right up her alley. I didn’t see any Run Swiftly Tech LS Black today and that was on the top of my list but I’m hoping I see that tomorrow. Other things I saw were Effortless Tote in all three colors (Black, Aruba, Concord Grape Ikat Print) and they were on for $108. Power Y and Push Ur Limits tank in Rubber Ducky. The Push Ur Limits was really cute and lined with Static Charcoal. Also spotted some restock of the Cabin LS in Black/Ash Grey.

Run Distance Pullover Concord Grape

This is a tech fleece pullover and very warm. The outer part of the pullover is lined with the same material as the Alpine Pants and is super stretchy. It feels like a  flexible nylon like material. This will be a lot stretchier then the Alpine Pullover is. I liked the look of it but it is far too warm for Vancouver running so it was a pass. Looks very similar to the Hills Pullover. 

Run Willpower Pullover Jacket

This is a light swiftly DWR finish run pullover. The first one I saw was the Ikat print and that was just way too much leopard print on a jacket. the light grey one is not so bad but I wasn’t in love with the design of it. 

The Live Healthy Wrap

This wrap is pretty much another version of the Express Yourself Wrap. It has the same panels of fabric in the front which you can throw over your shoulder. I like the length of this one better then the Express Yourself Wrap and am considering this one for my wish list. I need a semi dressy cardigan and I kind of liked this one on me. I think I would like a dark charcoal in it though. 

No Limit Tank Light Grey Pique

This one was a surprise find today. I light grey pique Flow Y with white circle mesh body. I purchased this one along with the Aruba No Limit today but I’m not sure I’m keeping them. I do love Light Grey Pique though. 

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