Scoop Neck Tank Itak Print/Concord Grape

In Stride Jacket 

Is this Flush/Coal Strata? It must be, my product notifications list that as a color option.

New Bra similar to the Hot Class Bra but with better coverage.

Gorgeous new mystery bag ‘Effortless Tote

  1. luLumum, having trouble reading the comments in your blog, they don't come up when I click on them. Am I doing something wrong?

  2. you need to give the 'intense debate' commenting system a minute to load up when you click on comments. if you post a comment right away before it's fully loaded the blogger commenting system over rides intense debate commenting and then comments that others have posted under intense debate disappear. This is what happened last week. In future, when posting comments if the intense debate system doesn't load up at all for you please contact me prior to posting so that others comments do not get lost.

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