Tuesday, July 23, 2024

Upload Thursday

by Cristina

Well I think that’s all for the upload. I’m glad there were no new must have surprises in this upload for me. I’m surprised we didn’t see the rest of the Black Roses print items such as the Cool Racerback, Power Y, Wunder Unders and Flow Y or the Power Purple/Heathered Power Purple Cool Racerback. That one is yummy (despite the fact that I initially overlooked it). Did you buy anything today or feel swayed?

Upload started a bit later today. So far this Scoop Neck Tank Black Roses Print 

Scoop Neck Tank Power Purple/Heathered Power Purple

Scuba Hoodie Special Edition

Cute! Cuddle Up Jacket

I passed on it in store but it was very cute. 

Hustle Jacket White Silver 1/16″ Stripe

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