Thursday, April 25, 2024

Yogi Dance Tank & Gym Essential Kit

by Cristina

A pretty lululemon tank with feminine details

lululemon yogi dance tank is an old classic lulu style which we don’t see anymore. The built in bra tanks where truly the best!

lululemon yogi dance tank - lululemon tank - persimmon orange
lululemon yogi dance tank - lululemon tank - flowy tank

lululemon yogi dance tank in haze blue

lululemon yogi dance tank

Some lovely photos of the new Yogi Dance Tank in Persimmon and Haze Blue. This is a beautiful a-line empire bust tank top that doesn’t cling to your midsection – although perhaps it may look a bit poofy if you are wider in the ribcage. The built in bra offers great support despite the strappy feminine straps. Tank tops with built in bras are such a great investment!

You can shop more recent lululemon tank tops here.

This is another shot of the Yogi Dance Tank in Persimmons. We first saw pictures of this tank in this post.

The cutest lululemon wallet – the Gym Essential Kit

The new Gym Essential Kit. A toiletries bag. So funny that someone just mentioned on facebook the other day that they wished Lululemon had a Toiletries bag for the gym and low and behold here it is. Sheesh, they think of everything. The gym kit comes in black swan persian purple purple gradient.

lululemon gym essential kit - lululemon wallets and small bags

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