Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Upload Wednesday!

by Cristina

Upload is happening today instead of Thursday because of American Thanksgiving tomorrow.

So far, the Everywear Gym Bag Black Roses Print has been uploaded along with the ruffle pants (Grooves, Groove Crops, Boogie Shorts Groove shorts etc). I think were also getting some restocking of previously uploaded items and some new colors added. Last night a few things were added such as the Stride Black Roses Print and on the US side the Candlelight Tank Multi State of Mind Print which seems to have again sold out restocked.

So what are you guys pulling the trigger on today? I indulged in the Chai Time Pullover yesterday and am undecided on wether to keep it or not.

Cabin Long Sleeve Tee finally for those of you waiting and waiting.

Run Alpine Pullover in Haze and Persimmon

Stride Jacket Ruffle US Side for $128! (Brushed Luon)

Everywear Gym Bag Black Roses Print

Groove Pant Ruffle 

Scuba Hoodie Chili/Anchorman

Liberty Short Sleeve Tee

Cool Racerback Ruffle

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