Thursday, April 25, 2024

Newest Items – Push Your Limits, Cuddle Ups, Run: Balance and More

by Cristina

Post Run Pullover.

Post Run Pants. MMMMMMmmm I so want these but so don’t *need* them. Plus, I don’t think head to toe fleece is an appropriate look for me.

Push Your Limits in Persimmon. I likey!

Persimmon is really growing on me and I think I would love a Post Run Pullover in Persimmon.

Alpine Pullover.
The Running luon panels in the back shoulders provide good stretch to the fabric. I love that they added that feature because the Tech Fleece is much less stretchy then running luon so this makes it more comfortable for movement.

Run: Alpine Tight Black/Very Violet, Coal, Black -$98. I did not have a chance to try these on but it’s my goal to try them in this week.
Cuddle Ups in Very Violet and Wish Blue and Coal/Citron

Hottie Hot Yoga Bag. I love it in Very Violet and I want it but I have no *need* for it so I just can’t justify that purchase right now. Wish listed for a future visit.

Cuddle Ups….Black is back. It’s different in the stitch detail from the first batch but if you were after the Black on you’ll probably be happy to see this.
Run: Balance Pullover
I liked the look of it but hated the feel of the wool (that’s just me and wool though) and I didn’t like the sheen on the wool. It was almost startchy feeling.  I’d love to know the opinions of people who love wool and have used it for running before.

Base Layer

RUN: Balance Pullover

Heart Tank in Organic Cotton. I may like the fit of this one much better then the luon version. I wonder if that splatter print (Multi State of Mind) that I like Heart Tank is actually Organic Cotton.
Heart Tank *Organic*Heart Tank *Organic*Alternate View

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