Wednesday, June 19, 2024

New Winter Items

by Cristina

I so badly wanted to see the CandleLight Tank in Multiple State of Mind Print modeled in this bunch of photos as well as the other colors of the Alpine Pullover, but alas it isn’t so. I’m just going to have to wait and see tomorrow if I love the tank in person. If I don’t love it all out in full force I’ll be sure to love it layered under a black Hoodie or a tank or tee.

I’ve been wearing my Alpine Pullover pretty much all day today. If the fleece holds up well I’ll look forward to getting this in more colors. 

I like how visible this type of reflective detailing is, but as a reader pointed out today, the placement will mostly be covered by your top. Especially if it’s Lululemon and on the longer side. I would love a few strips of this along the bottom half. Or even better would be these stripes with some pretty reflective patterns over top. like a butterflies or something

I love the details of the Alpine Pullover but it is a boxier cut then the Spirit Pullover from last year which had the half banded hem.

I think first reports of the Alpine tight are that it fits well and TTS except the waist is a little snug and hard to get on over the legs. 

First reports of the Live Simply Jacket are that it fits identically to the Wear With All.

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