Saturday, June 15, 2024

Fabric Composition

by Cristina

A bit disappointing! I just tried on my new Black Roses Print Cool Racerback and I’m a bit torn about it. I love the print. LOVE IT! The sizing is right, kinda loose around the middle but doesn’t scoop too low in the neck. I got the size 8 and it’s plenty roomy throughout and long. BUT, this tank is not Luon as we knew it. It is a whooping 94% polyester, 6% spandex/lycra (regular luon is 92% so Whooping may have been an overstatement) and you can feel it. I suspected when I purchased it and left the store without trying it on that it had polyester in it as it felt different from standard Cool Racerbacks. I know that the Static Cool Racerback have some added polyester blended in it to make it look and feel silky. When I tried this one on I had to actually take a look at the blend because for one, this tank is quite sheer and secondly, it feels like a polyester shirt. Polyester is not necessarily a bad thing if it’s blended in such a way to make if feel like some of the statics which felt silky and luxurious. But at 94% polyester, I think we all remember what old polyester shirts feel like.  If you have any Cool Racerbacks kicking around with the tear out tags intact I’d love to know what the blend is.  In the end, I think I’m keeping this tank. It’s such a lovely print and it’s a basic tank. but I’m disappointed with the feel of it. I much prefer plain old cottony feeling basic luon light.

*So far, The Haze/Coal CRB is 92% Polyester which really surprised me. 

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