Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Upload Thursdays

by Cristina

Well it looks like that’s it for Upload. I’m quite surprised that there was not more since many items were uploaded last night without pictures and also there are lots of new items in store that haven’t made it to upload just yet. It was a good upload I would say, just not what I expected. What did you guys buy today? Nothing for me today. 

Heart Tank in Black. I think the black one is the most wearable since it doesn’t have the contrast color. I did love the other colors but the contrast band just didn’t work for me.

Cuddle Up Jacket. I like the Lilac one the best.
Awareness Wrap. I saw all of the colors in person and thought for sure my favourite would be the Coal and Lilac one but I ended up loving the Plum with Seaspray contrast. Seaspray is like a Teal tinged white.

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