Thursday, July 18, 2024

Upload Thursday Eve Musings

by Cristina

Well it’s been pretty exciting this week with all of the new colors but so far the only thing I got is the Stride in Haze which is brushed luon on the inside. I’m thinking we’ll see all of the new items we’ve been posting about all week uploaded tomorrow but perhaps a few more surprise items. I’ve heard that the Inspire Pullover will be out in the new colors (Plum, Lilac and Teal Zeal) so perhaps that will get uploaded tomorrow too. Not sure I’ll bite if it’s the identical design as the last run of Inspire Pullovers. I’m hoping we’ll see some of the upgraded Gratitude Wraps tomorrow in some great colors like Static Plum or Static Wish. That for sure would make me bite. There have been a few mentions of a Plum Stride on FB but I have a feeling people are perhaps thinking the Haze Stride is Plum. I haven’t come across any pictures of it yet. Maybe someone saw it in store somewhere.

These are my wish list items for tomorrow but I may or may not get them if there uploaded. I think the item I most like is the static plum Power Y. For running, the only item I really need is a long sleeve swiftly to replace my LS Swiftly size 12 Lagoon (anyone interested in it?) but not so sure about the thinness of the new colors – much silkier yes but I think it’s way more delicate. Also not so sure how flattering a pale swiftly will be around my tummy area. Something I want to try on in store first I think and on a brave day.

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