Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Product Scoop….!!!

by Cristina

I just went in to a Lululemon and was chatting it up with a friendly educator and cheekily pried about what new winter items she knows about and since I happened to be wearing my Gratitude Wrap today I was told to expect in the next few weeks to see a really awesome Gratitude Wrap come out with a hood on it and some great upgrades to the design. This confirms the clue a few weeks ago from the Lulu Lab about upcoming wraps.  I was also told we’ll be seeing an Everyday bag in a great plaid print.  She confirmed that they only learn about upcoming products a few weeks before they get released and also they see items in one color so they don’t necessarily know the colors items will be available in (not sure I believe that). I have a feeling we’ll see it in a Heathered Amazon and maybe Daze. I think we can expect to see these in the next two weeks like my local Lulu educator mentioned to me yesterday so I’m glad we had an unexciting upload yesterday so that we can all save some mula. Today I grabbed a pair of arm warmers in black because a friend of mine convinced me yesterday that it’s well worth the addition to my fall running gear for just $28 and since it has a really great reflective striping detail on it I figure that alone makes it worth it. I got the size S/M and I have, lets call them ‘not skinny’ arms and the size is perfect. I’ll be using them later tonight for my run so I’ll make sure to post about it. I’m also planning on going to Bikram’s on Sunday which will be my first time since before I got pregnant so I’m sure that will be a fun post to write. I’ve got a few bottles of coconut water in my fridge in anticipation.

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