Saturday, June 15, 2024

Plum, Teal, Wish and Lilac

by Cristina

*Still waiting to hear about the price of the New Strides and wether it’s just the brushed luon ones that are supposed to be $118 or a 9% increase on all of them. So far there all marked at $118.  I’ll let you guys know as soon as I hear back. From what I was able to see the brushed Luon jackets are the Teal Zeal, Haze + Coal and possibly the Coal and Space Dye (not the fully printed one).

Power Y in Static Plum. I love this and it’s been wish listed along with the Lilac Swiftly.

Teal Zeal Swiftly and Wish Blue leather Everywhere bag
This is a new inner liner. Would be perfect for a diaper bag to disguise messes.

Lilac Space Dye. Second wish list item

New Groove pants. These have a different cut from the last version of Groove pants. Less of a flare at the bottom which is good because the old style was a little bit dated.

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