Friday, December 8, 2023

Personal Fit Review: Run: Dash LS, Cabin LS, Happy Heat Tank

by Cristina

So this is the very lovely Run: Dash LS in Lavender (or was it Lilac..). This is the Size 10 which felt large in the chest and upper body/arms but because it’s a form fitting running luon I was in no mood to see what the 8 did to my belly. See pictures bellow for why. When/If I get this I’ll probably go for the size 8 but motivate myself to tighten things up a bit. I LOVED this top and loved the ruffles. It’s basically a really great warm LS shirt you can wear out and about, under a vest or jacket and it just doesn’t look like an athletic top save for the little reflective detailing at the outer wrist which is quite subtle. I would love to get this top in a different color though which is why in the end I left without it. I do like the Lilac but I have an Inspire Pullover in Lilac and I need something a little bit different. They had Black and Teal as well but those weren’t tempting me today.

**I also spotted new gorgeous knitted wool gloves, toques and scarves. What made them so gorgeous was that they are thick knit and Wish blue. The wool version of Wish blue is a more muted down wish and it’s very lovely and jewel like. there was also a teal zeal version. The mitts were very long sleeved and were actually half fingered gloves with a mitten top that you can flip on or off. The price on these was not so gorgeous. I think the mitts were in the $60 range. Can’t wait to get some pictures of them to show you. These will go on my wish list for Christmas I think and hopefully my husband can get to his shopping before these sell out (I know your reading this secretly ;p)

The back ruffle is gorgeous. I don’t care what you poo-pooers say!!!

The Cabin LS (size 6) is an awesome top. I love everything about it ( =D surprised??) It’s a double layer of Pima sewn together. Has cuffins and really cute contrast cuff detailing. the contrast seaming I felt was pretty subtle on the blue Heathered Haze side but a but more contrasty on the Coal side and a bit more obvious. I love both sides of this shirt for me. I think my favourite thing was the cuffs which make this look more like a thin sweatshirt then a thick Pima tee. The picture bellow of the Heathered Haze side is not an accurate representation of the color. It actually looks like a lighter version of the Heathered Wish Live Simply Tee. There was also a cotton Live Simply Legging which I did not try on today

Cabin LS in Coal/HAZS

Happy Heat tank ($52) in size 10, Persimmons and Coal. Cute, has adjustable straps that you can wear crossed or not crossed, moderate support with a built in bra. This Persimmons and Coal was the prettiest combination that jumped out at me I liked the gathering at the sides and the bottom is quite roomy around the belly but because of the gathers + luxtreme it pulls it in close to the belly showing all your ugglies (as seen bellow, it does not hide mummy tummy). Although I found this a cute tank I don’t have a need for a  tank right now and wasn’t ‘in love’ with it.

saw this one today too. The Dash Tank. It was static thin luon and not running luon

And the front view.

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