Wednesday, June 19, 2024

More Pictures: Live Simply Crewneck

by Cristina

The gorgeous Wish Blue Live Simply Tee (worn with the Power Pose Crop). I’m crazy about heathered wish blue and really hope they come out with more items in this color. I love Wish Blue but I think the more muted down heathered tone is more wearable and layerable with other colors and not so much a statement color. I’ve heard a rumour that there will be a Stride in Wish Blue and I really, really hope it’s heathered.   I’ve worn my Heathered Wish Tee with three different items this weekend and I think my favourite was layered under the Lilac Run: Inspire Pullover and I would have never guessed they would look so good together. I’ve also worn it with my Haze Stride and my Fruity Tooty Gratitude Wrap.   Incidentally, I’ve come to the conclusion that I don’t think the Lilac Inspire Pullover is Static like the others but just a Heathered Lilac which is why it feels more like the solid colored running luon from past years.
**Power Pose Pant: Some have mentioned the sizing on the power pose pants are off and that you need to size up two sizes and that it’s still a snug fit. I’m a size 8 and sometimes 10 so I think that pretty much sizes me out from trying these on so if someone can verify this and would like to provide a fit review it would be greatly appreciated.

I have the Heathered Plum as well and quite like it a lot. I would have gotten the Teal Zeal except that it’s not heathered and after seeing the other colors in it’s less saturated form I wasn’t as taken with it. The fit I would say is TTS although a reader quite rightfully pointed out that you can size down one in this top if you prefer a snugger fit. I did size down to a 6 but that’s because I like my Tees form fitting because I think it looks a bit dressier that way. The Modern Crew Necks and V Necks where quite large fitting so those were absolutely size down (way down) Tees because otherwise they would look too casual. So, for a casual look (as in the above picture) in the Live Simply Tee stay TTS but if you like a form fitting tee that you can dress up or dress down go down one size. I’m really hoping to see more heathered colors in the Live Simply Tees. I know a lot of you are tired of the Statics and Heathered items but I think it looks really good in t-shirts and I hope they keep appearing in that form. I’d like to see a Heathered Lilac one next

Here is a picture that caught my attention from the Pearl District facebook album. All of the educators in this picture are wearing Lululemon items (I think they all are) but the lady on the far right is wearing something unfamiliar to me. Could that be a glimpse of the new Awareness Wrap? What do you guys think?

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