Saturday, June 15, 2024


by Cristina

More High/Low styles from Joe Fresh at Superstore I think this is my favourite find so far and thanks to Cheryl for providing the picture and the tip off. T shirts remarkably similar to 5yr Pimas! The Joe Fresh version that I got is 100% tightly woven cotton, almost identical cut as the 5yr Pimas but slightly longer and it’s a similar luxurious feel to the Pima cotton. They are really silky and thin but without the ‘chafe free seams” and it’s not a Pima/Lycra blend so slightly less stretchy around the hip area. The colors I’ve seen are (and these are Lulu names) ‘Ocean blue’, “Fruity Tooty Pink” black, white and grey and there were two greens, this Kelly green pictured bellow and a deep rich emerald/jade green which is the one I got and it’s my favourite. I really love my Lulu Pimas & Moderns but I think for the price difference I like these ones as well. I find Pima cotton, because it’s so tightly woven (The weave is what makes it a Pima) it hangs on to stains that normally wouldn’t hang around. I like finding these cheap and cheerful tee’s for just $10. Will they last 5 years? Probably not. But for $10 there pretty great and I think they’l last at least a season.

PS. Sorry to all my US and International readers (Porto Rico, Japan, Germany, Czech Republic, Australia, Malaysia, Philippines, Hong Kong, Singapore etc, etc. Hello, to you guys…can’t believe you found me somehow). These items are too great for us locals to not post about. US I’m sure you have some great High/Low items at Target. If you find any that are very similar to Lulu feel free to let me know.

** if you plan on picking these up make sure you grab the 100% cotton ones and not the 95% blends as they feel quite different and have a different cut. 

Top Tee is Joe Fresh, Bottom is the 5YR Pima

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