Friday, December 8, 2023

Run Inspire Pullover Inaugural Run Review

by Cristina

8km run in 17*c weather with a heavy drizzle. 
Run Inspire Crops in Lolo purple size 8 & Run: Inspire Pullover size 8 Static Black

I finally got to wear my Run: Inspire Pullover today for a run and I have to say there are things I LOVE about this top and I don’t regret buying it at all, and things that really bother me with the design and that I wish were different.  According to Lululemon, this is a layering peace that you would wear over a tank and not a base layer. The cut of this top would indicate otherwise as it is form fitting but not snug when you stay true to size. I could wear a tank under this but my preference is not to have to because running luon is so soft and lovely on it’s own against your skin, and because I like this as a shirt top not a jacket.

My first issue was the contouring seams along the front/sides of the top and on the back are a stiff ribbon like fabric that although I like the look of, the tension between the luon and the ribbon detail causes it to bunch up a bit in waves. Also, the underside of this is a bit annoying against your skin. the seaming underneath is flat locked but still  slightly stiff. Not enough to cause me chafing but  just a minor annoyance that should not be there in a running top. The top stayed pulled down and didn’t ride up at all but the areas that have the contrasting bunched if that makes sense. The zipper that was previously discussed here was also a nuisance and I don’t understand why it was not sewn in like other running tops that Lululemon has made before. All of the other pullovers can be worn as a base layer or a mid layer so why was this consideration to the zipper not made for this top My biggest issue with the top however was the contrast area on the upper arms (again, I liked the look of it) felt like a very loose bra strap that keeps falling down over your shoulders. I was constantly adjusting it.

Things I love about this top are that the static heathered running luon feels amazingly silky and cottony. The ribbed luon at both hips makes the top a great fit and moves really comfortably with you as your run. I love the design of the high collar and how nicely it contours the neck and keeps the wind and rain out. I love the reflection on the zippers and the hugeness and placement of the back pocket are great. Cuffins are super useful too. The Inspire looks like a really great, very athletic top. I loved the way my outfit looked for running and it was totally perfect for the heavy rain. I didn’t need to wear a jacket over this at all as running luon (and luxtreme) behaves beautifully in the rain. When I got home I did not feel at all soaked from rain or sweat even though I’m a heavy sweater.

My grade for this top is a B+. I will keep using this because I loved the look and the fabric but I’ll have to wear my Swiftly Tank underneath it to have a fidgety free run.

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