New Bra – Ta Ta Two? “Boobs On A Wire”

Boobs On A WireBoobs On A WireAlternate View

  • Discreet, low-neck high support bra. Lightweight, all-day comfort for the C-DD cup girl!
  • 4-way stretch power luxtreme™ fabric has inherent wicking & high LYCRA® content for maximum support
  • Flexible underwire separates breasts & bra sits flat against the body for more support
  • Wide padded gel straps distribute weight & won’t dig in!
  • Gel padded hook-&-eye closure for easy on/off
  • Adjustable, crossable straps!

I wonder what the difference is between the new  Boobs On A Wire Bra and the Ta Ta Tamer. It looks pretty similar but I think the straps are wider and the cups sit quite a bit lower, more like a scoop neck. I think the Ta Ta doesn’t have an underwire and judging by the name of this bra I think it does. Also I notice ruching on the back and I wonder if that will show through a CRB. Perhaps this one is a better design for crossing the straps in the back and it will be hidden by a CRB. If only it was made for nursing too.

Love that it has gel padded hook & and eye closure. Actually, the Gel part sounds really good and it would be nice if there was gel on the straps and perhaps tucked into the cups. I guess that’s a different kind of bra though.

Ta Ta Tamer

  1. off topic ( alittle bit..) we havent seen any pic's of the Inspire this week, and we're now into Sept. Do you think it would be an online item only??? There really has been nothing new this week.. the jacket , that horrible tank and the arm/leg warmers?! I really wanted the Inspire..when will we ever see it!?!?!?
    Also..hoping for the senorita pink Scuba to show up!

  2. Quick question about the Audrey Jacket…Does the Shark color have gold-tone hardware? I just ordered one from the nearest lulu (which is 4 hours away!)and they said the buttons are silver. Any insight?

  3. A while back someone had said they had the scoop from an educator that the Inspire Pullover would be coming out in the first week of September…I had hoped she was wrong but it's looking like that's whats going on. My local store told me on Sunday that they had all the shipment for the week and the Inspire was not included so perhaps next week. The've released all running winter accessories so it should be soon.

    I went into the store yesterday to do a return and I was wanting to pick up a little something but I could not find one thing in the store that I wanted…other than the Sen Pink Scuba which I want to wait on until I have the technical gear I need for running.

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