Saturday, June 15, 2024

A Little OT: Ramble

by Cristina

So it’s been a bit of a nightmare around my house this past week as I have a toddler with a really bad cold and a 6 month old teething and it’s kept me up for the past three nights. I’ve gotten about 2 hours of sleep each night which tends to make you a little edgy. So today I’m focusing on the positive. Which is my husbands ever so unhelpful advice. But I’m grasping at straws so I’m using his advice today.

Here are my positives today.

1: Starbucks and Shoppers Drug mart are a 3 minute walk from my house. Just grabbed a coffee and a really fun and very necessary purchase at Shoppers. Runners World Magazine (this issue is mom focused!), Infant Advil and a cosmetics purchase for me. I got this complexion enhancing stick called Flight Stick from DuWop which has caffeine and hyaluronic acid to pick up dull and tired skin. Cool. I need that. not a sponsored post by the way, just sharing…wait, the Amazon thing at the bottom is a pay per click I think -not sure though. They also have a few other items that I’ve been wanting for a long time now but it’s hard finding DuWop. This Shoppers just opened up last week so they are carrying a lot of new brands that have a lot of buzz. The other Duwop products I’ve been eyeing are the Private Red Lipstick that changes tones depending on your ph so that it’s your perfect match. A self tanner with a blue ting to take away the orangey look (too late for self tanners) and reverse lip liner (clear, keeps your lipstick from feathering out).

Flight Stick

2. I got my Spirit Pullover today and I love it!!! perfect condition and really cozy and pretty. I love scoring great retro lulu finds. FYI, in case you haven’t read my request on FB I’m on the lookout for a Huff ‘N Puff Vest in Ivory size 8/10 and would be ever so grateful to be able to purchase one. Keep your eyes pealed for me ladies.

3. Good TV is back. I’ve been watching Mad Men (hello hunky men), Parenthood and a lot of other favourites. My PVR is currently loaded with good TV. I’m a TV junkie. As well as a Lululemon junkie. And nail polish and books/magazines.

4. Picked up a great book the other day, Freedom, which I started reading yesterday and I’m hooked after the first page. I love a book that starts off really great and family epics are my favourite. Now I have to find a way to read more than a paragraph each night. One of my top favourite books are Middlesex and One Hundred Years of Solitude. If you like the family epic novels these are the best reads ever. 

PS. I’m sure there will be more Lulu posts after this. Please excuse my mad ramblings in the meantime.

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