With the Track ‘N Field jackets recently marked down online ($109) and in many local stores ($99-$109) it’s the perfect time to help you decide which light jacket will round out your early fall collection. I picked up the Run: Track ‘N Field jacket initially from my local store when for the first time ever, my husband came in the store and picked something out for me. I’ve got the alarming/ombre stripe one and while it’s a little bit bright, I quite love it and the reflective features since I hope to use it for evening walks/hikes and maybe even the occasional run. Hubby likes it for casual wear, and if for once he’s encouraging my shopping addiction – how could I not buy it and wear it?!

I have to size up in the Run: Track ‘N Field jacket for a comfortable fit. I am usually a size 8 in Lulu jackets, but my regular size only just zipped up over my chest (which is one the larger side) and without any stretch in it, this kind of jacket really isn’t designed to be skin-tight in my opinion. You can see it’s quite loose in my regular size, but with the length of it, it looks pretty good. I’ve noticed that some people are concerned about the “poof” in the back where one of the mesh vents are, but I actually find it helps even out my shape since I have broader shoulders and a wider upper back and a pretty narrow lower back. So far, I’ve worn it a few times for dog walks as it’s started to get cool, and it did quite well when I got caught in a downpour. I will try running in it, since really, that was the intended purpose. I was a little bit confused about what it was designed for when local stores started marketing it as a To/From jacket on Facebook, but when I asked GEC, they said it was designed with running as the primary purpose.

The other jacket that I picked up recently is the Community Jacket. I ordered it online during an upload Thursday and took a shot in the dark with the size. Having seen some of the Facebook photos, I really wasn’t sure that I would like it when it arrived since it’s pretty short and billowy and didn’t seem like it would flatter everyone. Looking at the fit and the shortness of it, I also ordered a size up and got a 10, like my Track ‘N Field jacket. It turned out to be the perfect fit, and I was surprised to find I might like it even more than my Track ‘N Field jacket (though I LOVE both!!). It is a bit loose through the body and arms, but just enough to be flattering. With a larger chest I’m always worried about getting a “pregnancy look” as things that aren’t fitted tend to hang off my chest and make me look larger. I don’t think I have that problem with this one. I think this jacket looks great layered with a longer CRB and I’ve even worn it with a Stride under it. I think this is one jacket you really need to try to see if it will work for you. The Track ‘N Field should work for anyone with the longer length and slightly baggier look; but the shortness of this one may not be everyone’s cup of tea. I’m 5’9, about 140-145 lbs but do have a shorter torso so I think that’s why the length isn’t too bothersome to me.

Overall, I think either jacket is a good choice and now that they’re about the same price, you might not feel like you need to pass on the Community because of the pricetag !

Beth Graddon-Hodgson



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Community Jacket – Lolo Purple

Track ‘N Field Jacket – Alarming/Ombre Stripe

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