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Try On Report Run: Cross Train Pullover

by Cristina

I got a chance to try this on quickly today and I was really impressed. Either with the top, or with myself for fitting into an 8 quite nicely, not exactly sure. I tried this grey and white striped one and found it to be very flattering on around the chest and also around the middle. I really like this side paneling that Lulu is adding in to some of there  newer tops. The Modern V neck has it as well and it really brings your waist in as the seaming is not strait down the middle of your side, but closer towards your front, sort of offset from how tops are normally constructed. This combined with the cross over neck opening and the slight rushing is very flattering. For a luxtreme top you really don’t see any imperfections. I would get this for myself probably in the size 8 as I don’t layer a lot under it. I would wear a Flow Y underneath and that’s all, unless I’m really cold than I would put on a Swiftly Tank under it. So if I wanted this more for street wear I probably would consider a 10 so that I can wear a t-shirt underneath. I’m disappointed this doesn’t have cuffins as my other Luxtreme pullover that I use has cuffins which I used quite frequently. I used them to tuck my hands into but also to store my stopwatch.  I’ve heard it mentioned that this top may ride up but I didn’t find that so. The weight of the luxtreme seems to keep the top down for me and is a nice length as well. I have the Run: Like The Wind pullover and never had that issue…but I think it’s because I wear nothing but a Flow Y under it. If your wearing a t-shirt under it than maybe it would slide against the fabric. I’ve found with Luxtreme that once you start to perspire even a little it grips your skin and stays put. I like to wear my luxtreme running pants (Run: With It) around a bit before I run, otherwise they slip for the first 5 minutes of running. But as long as I wear it before my run than I’m fine. oooh, one more thing to note about this top that I was quite pleased about. All that grey paneling you see at the shoulders and under the arms is ribbed luon!!! I love ribbed luon. It feels nice and it looks good.

Tried on the Apres Yoga jacket and it was not bad. Kinda boring but it was a nice flattering length on me (a not tall 5’4). I liked last years version better because of the inner lining which was mini terry cloth lulu logos in a tan color. You kinda have to see it because that’s not a great description. This new one has a soft inner liner but it’s black…so kinda dull. I would wear a size up in this (10) so that I can put on whatever shirt I want underneath it.

Looked at the Polocross pant which they only have up to size 8. As in they didn’t get any other sizes. There very cute and come in three styles, one is all black, one is grey and black and one has a combination of denim luon (that’s the one I liked). I Think the fireside pant is a similar silhouette to these so I think I’d probably like those ones better anyways. The picture bellow is of the denim luon version. I’m pretty sure she’s rolled up the cuffs on these.

Very nice fit!!

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Anonymous August 1, 2010 - 4:07 am

I am going to try this one on tomorrow. I was thinking I wouldn't like it but now based on your review and that the panels are ribbed luon I like it even more. I really just wanted solid black but I might like it or oasis when I try it on. I am still waiting for the run inspire to come out. Why is that one taking so long, probably because it's lolo purple and they haven't released that color yet, except for in the distressed scuba.

M August 1, 2010 - 4:18 am

DIdn't like the cross train pullover. I still love it in pics, but it just didn't do it for me when I tried it on. The hood's floppiness would irritate me on long runs. And really bummed there are no cuffins. Also, I'm just not a huge fan of luxtreme. Holding out for the run inspire pullover…excited about the colors, cuffins with "cold hands" "warm heart" sayying on them, running luon…everything about it sounds perfect!

Lulumum August 1, 2010 - 4:11 am

I'm waiting on the Run; Inspire too as I already have a Run: like the wind pullover so I probably don't need another luxtreme top. Although I do like the design on this one more than the Run; Like the Wind. The running luon though is like velvet and I would wear it for running and just as a fleecy sweater. I think ill get both colors of those when it comes out.

Lulumum August 1, 2010 - 4:25 am

I fully agree about the hood thing. I hate that when running and even in the rain I would never pull it on so there is no reason to have it other than for design/streetwear. I used to dislike luxtreme just because of my fear of it showing too much imperfections but once I used it for running in the springtime I loved it. I ran during a rainstorm one day and my skin stayed pretty much dry. It took a long time for the rain to soak through the luxtreme and when it did it was a very slight dampness. I just really liked the way it performed for running overall with sweat, temp control, rain and comfort.

Lulumum August 1, 2010 - 4:26 am

that being said I'm holding out for the inspire pullover as well. Haven't used that fabric for running in and I'm really looking forward to trying it.


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