1. Kind of cute but it looks a bit masculine for my tastes but a little too feminine for a man (I don't think any of the men in my life would like it anyway.) I like the idea though and would for sure try it on if I had the chance, especially since I do snowboard.

    I'm wondering if the Atlanta store I shop at will get any of the cold weather stuff. I could use it because I live in WI but I don't think it gets very cold here…or at least cold by WI terms. Maybe I'll ask the ladies there when I stop by this week.

  2. I agree with you. This is very young looking for most guys. I can see Oli (from the lab/west 4th stores) wearing this with her dreads though.

    The cold weather stuff should make it online I would think. The scarf, toque and leg warmers did. I would suggest snatching these things up as soon as you see them though because Lulu is kinda clueless about keeping these things stocked through the winter. Unless you buy the winter items in the summer your kinda out of luck when you actually have a need for them.

  3. Yep, Lulumum, you got that right about snapping things up now. I hate thinking about winter in August but if you don't buy the stuff now it will be gone by September and they don't seem to restock much …

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