I actually think this Run: Revitalize T looks a lot more feminine on now that I see it on a model. I think it’s the cap sleeves and the way the luxtreme panels are on the chest. I still wouldn’t pick these over the swiftly tech t’s because I don’t much love the circle mesh/swiftly combination and because I find that these colors combined with color blocking makes for a more masculine look. But I like the feminine detail of the cap sleeve even though it would probably be totally uncomfortable during longer runs. I guess it depends on how tight they have made the elastic. Neckline is cute too.

  1. I think this looks cute but I worry a bit about the length. On the girl on the left it appears that the top is just coming to the top of her crops, so add a jog to that and you may be seeing some belly action.

    If Atlanta has this top tonight I will try it on. We'll see.

  2. I don't think it would be. Lulu rarely makes tops that aren't longer. I think this model just sized down or perhaps she folded it under for the picture in order to show the band of her Run: Inspire crops.

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