This is the Journey Jacket in size 8 (TTS) and 10 (SU) on the right. As you can see it’s really hard to tell from the pictures which is the bigger size. I would say the size 8 felt snug around the bottom part of the waist and like it was less elastic. There was also slightly more arm length but not enough to make it look sloppy so overall I would go with the size 10 just for the comfort and movement but because I’m losing weight and would like to lose about 30lbs over time I think the safer bet would be to stick with the size 8. If you plan on staying the size you are during the Fall and Winter months you could go the size up for comfort.

  1. Tts looks bette on top but Su fits you better. You can tell by the smile of the hem. The stiff zipper shows the true length, but because its too small, the sides of the hem stretch and shrink up. The fit of the 8 looks like a shaped hoodie

  2. Thanks. I was just looking at that picture and thinking "oh my…shorts…not the best combination with that jacket" but I really do love the jacket and it's going to look so awesome with jeans.
    I didn't check the color code :@ but I think it's heathered clarity grey…when I find out for sure Ill post it here.

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