From Run Like A Mother about a few things I love. Running + Lululemon + pretty colors  and the combination of all three things. Lululemon must have a color therapist selecting the color pallets because the Wish Blue and Lolo Purples really amp me up about running. Today I’m feeling unmotivated to get back to my running after having taken 4 long days off. Which I needed because I could feel an achiness in my achilles starting to creep in. So I was thinking this morning that what I really need to kick start my running is a lolo pullover. That would be just the thing I think. Anyways, I’m running tonight wether I feel like it or not.

  1. I'm so pleased you found my post today about colors. As I'm sure you noticed, the purple shirt I ended up choosing for my 14-mile run on Saturday was a Lululemon one! Thanks for linking to our site. I always enjoy reading your posts.

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