Tuesday, October 3, 2023

The Vinnie

by Cristina

New Lab item for the men. This is a great sweater for a more preppy style (perhaps the engineer or architect in your life). Man I wish I could dress my hubby in this but he just doesn’t like the fit of Lulu on him. For his birthday I got him a thin sweatshirt (don’t know the name of it) and the Kung Fu pants. Everything ended up going back to the store. except that he loved the look of the sweatshirt so I kept coming back with different sizes. Three trips later we decided that even the XXL (which is a rare find in the mens department at Lulu) was too fitted for someone with a broader chest and shoulders. He’s really tall and has long limbs so  it’s hard sizing him and this ended up making him feel bad. It was such a shame because he really liked the clothes for walking the dog and shlepping in because his wardrobe consists of almost all suits which is what he lives in and two ratty-tatty shorts and t-shirts. I was tired of looking at his sad casual wear and thought I’d be nice and replace it for him. Too bad!

This sweater seems like it would appeal to men because of the extra zipper. If you have a guy who likes to be fashionable but also likes gadgets like extra zippers than this is for him. I see this type of style at Harry Rossen all the time. Man that’s a really sexy store to hang around in I tell yah.

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