Thursday, April 25, 2024

Adventures at Coquitlam

by Cristina

I was so disappointed to not come home with a new running pullover today and to not have found any new colors such as Lolo or the new blues (Aruba? River Rock?) that I grabbed the new dance crop as an impulse buy. $78 seemed pretty hefty for a thin luon pant. I’m such a sucker for the cute calf ties and the little cuff that I had to take it home with me. But I’m having buyers remorse because I got the Wish Wunder Grooves last week and they are so much more substantial and also reversible so I think I may visit with these crops for a few days and then take them back when the Run Pullovers are finally in. I dunno, would you wear crops in the fall/winter months or are they too summery? If I can wear them year round then I may keep them.
The new Run: Inspire Crops were a bit uninspiring for me. I thought they had reflectivity in them but I couldn’t find where. I didn’t really love the color detailing at the calf but that may be something that would look really cute once you try it on. I’m pretty married to my Run: With it crops (love the cuff) so I didn’t feel the need to add a new pair of crops. My next running pants are going to have to be a cooler weather pant.

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