Tuesday, September 26, 2023

Thursdays Upload Wishes and Predictions

by Cristina

I don’t think Lulu puts anything up on Upload Thursdays that hasn’t already hit stores first but I’m going to go out on a limb and cross my fingers for the new run pullover. I felt a running Luon Hills pullover today and  it made me literally ache for cooler weather. I’ll find it so hard to not buy each color that comes out but I’m going to have to show some restraint and make a decision. Lulu has now posted bellow their sneak peek video that we will see these products in the next 6 weeks so maybe it will be a while yet before we see the pullover. Could be up to 5 weeks. Oh well, more time to give the ol’ credit card a rest.

I’m also hoping for some Pima T’s (v-neck or not) in Wish and Pig Pink. I doubt it will happen but you just never know with Lulu. Maybe some prints will be nice.
A Branch Savasana or Gratitude Wrap…maybe some new things in Ivy….

What I think will be uploaded tomorrow is all of the Light it Up items, the new Strides in Alarm and Oasis,  all of the new pants and shorts in Alarm and Oasis and the new Scuba Hoodies.

What do you think Lulu’s upload pattern is and what are you hoping to see tomorrow?

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ellesmommy July 22, 2010 - 4:59 am

One thing they uploaded online without it hitting the stores first was the WWA in Alarming and Bold Blue. So that gives me a little hope that something similar could happen again! Maybe some Dance Pulse Wraps, Gather Togethers…and my new obsession Jesus Pants??? Seems to me, it's easier to start making something again that they already have the design and pattern for, than it is to completely create new items from scratch, right?

Anonymous July 22, 2010 - 5:12 am

Five or six weeks??????? Oh, man….

Anonymous July 22, 2010 - 5:26 am

Just got a notification from my local store (southern california) for the push ur limits tank in Alarming…

Anonymous July 22, 2010 - 12:14 pm

Once in a great while they upload something out of the blue that hasn't hit the stores, but it is definately unusual. I think today will include the black and white v neck pimas, the scubas, the new stride colors, the flashback pullover in blank and/or grey, the light it up stuff (if the light it up doesn't hit this week, it is not going to end up online at all, although a few weeks ago they did put it online for a few minutes by mistake). Also new bottoms such as the rock out pant, wunder groove, groove, boogie shorts etc in the new alarming/oasis bands

Anonymous July 22, 2010 - 12:27 pm

The last few uploads have been quite paltry. I think today's will have new colours of tanks (Push – seriously need some colours there), scoop necks, Power Y's. Also maybe the Rock Out pants, the new Bon Voyage bag, maybe the new Stride colours. I hope there's more than that, but I don't think so. Prove me wrong, lulu!

RunningOnCoffee July 22, 2010 - 12:34 pm

While I am anxious for the run pullover, it's far too hot here to wear it right now. It's a tank and shorts, if it's even cool enough to run outside! It's seriously been in the 90s-100s for the last several weeks with no break. 98 this weekend. ugh. It would be good for my credit card if it did not come out yet. Actually, I work in a school – so I'm off from work right now, and only working a couple hours here and there. If it waited another 5 weeks I would be very close to getting paid again and would not feel so guilty about buying it 🙂

Anonymous July 22, 2010 - 1:20 pm

With the quick change in color schemes I'm getting worried we'll never see Wish pimas

RunningOnCoffee July 22, 2010 - 3:25 pm

It has started… a whole bunch of oasis and the new scubas, light up stuff, inner strength tank, etc.

Lulumum July 22, 2010 - 5:44 pm

Anon 5:34am I agree, I'm worried that Wish has come and gone. I think that's my favourite color and it was here for such a short time. I guess it's like the lavender/passion items at the start of summer.


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