Friday, December 8, 2023

Sneak Peek…not really all that sneaky though…

by Cristina

A hot yoga bra in what looks like Alarming.

I’m modest and the thought of wearing something like this seemed impossible before I tried hot yoga, but trust me…it’s like childbirth, once your in that inferno you don’t care who sees what and how. So I would totally wear this to Bikrams and have a cover up to wear into class and to put on after…preferable a moisture wicking cool one like a Swiftly Tank that wont stick to my sweat.

I like the idea of an Alarming colored top for hot yoga (I’m totally on fire today!) It’s cute!! as far as sizing goes I really hope there generous with size 12’s and that the cups are roomy in this cause you need to be able to bend over without the nips coming out. Oh no she didn’t!

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