1. I want it bladly.. I can't stop thinking about it.. and wondering where I'm going to come up with the money for everything I want! ahahha
    I really want the crops/Shirt…and some more 50rep bras..
    lotto max is 50 mill ! ahahaha a girl can dream right!?

  2. your spelling is bad because your typing so fast with excitement! I can't believe how many of the new things I want! I am going to miss "upload thursday" because I am actually going to get to a lulu store! I wonder if I can convince the kids to distract my hubbie while I sneak through the cash register! I'm sure I can bribe them with an ice cream…;o)

  3. haha. I usually have to spell check several times because I'm typing so quickly with excitement. Upload Thursday is usually the same as what's already in stores Monday so it should be a safe bet to get to the store. The facebook chatter before and during is pretty fun though.

    Get a big diaper bag that you can hide your goods in, just tell hubbie to go get the kids some snacks cause he'll just be bored anyways =D give him a fiver for some coffee too.

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