Saturday, July 20, 2024

New Products: Iconic Wrap

by Cristina

Iconic Wrap
I so wish I would have liked this…
The idea of it is great. Pima Cotton, long sleeve to layer over tanks, and short so that it’s actually like a shrug. So complicated figuring out how the heck to put it on because it’s all one continuouse piece so I asked for help and the Educator had just then figured out how to put it on. She had to bunch it up first and then put it on over my head for me. When it’s on, the whole top part bunches up around you in a poofy way. Looked cute on…but not what I want in a shrug. And the kicker is that the price for this lovely is $88!!! Yikes.

It looks about as complicated as it really was to put on.

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