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My Temptations Today

July 22, 2010

Light Up TankLight Up Tank
Ok, I already have the Light Up Tanks but on my last run I felt like maybe they were getting too loose on me in the straps and in the shelf bra a tidge.  I need to either sell the ones I have and get new ones or trade them. But I’m almost afraid to sell first and then miss out on replacing them if they get sold out. Sheesh. Or I can just get the straps hemmed and the inner bra stitched a bit tighter. From now on I’m buying all my running stuff fitted.
*Note: I took my Wish Blue one out for a long run today and decided that other than needing a bit more boob support I like this just fine in the looser fit. I like not having this stick to my skin as I sweat. So what I may end up doing is just getting the Light it Up Bra and wearing that underneath. Problem solved!

I really hate being between sizes. It’s so hard to know how much wear i’ll get out of something before it gets too big.

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2 responses to “My Temptations Today”

  1. Breianna says:

    I am also an in between size on things. One size of the flow Y is too big but I have to size down for my boobs to stay in place but then it's snug around the middle. Uggh!

  2. Cheryl says:

    you could order them while posting yours to sell. =)
    then if yours don't sell you can always return the new ones to the store (within 14 days), but I'm pretty sure yours would sell?
    the tank is still new from this season so there should be a lot of demand for it.

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