I can’t tell what color this is under the oatmeal “heathered clarity grey” Iconic Wrap but it looks almost like a teal blue..maybe it’s River Rock. The only reason I didn’t get the wrap in this color is because it’s trickier to match colors with it, but I’ve seen it look great with Alarm, and Wish and of course black and white.  So if these ever hit markdown I’m snatching up a second one in this color. Also, I hate, hate the idea of tying a knot in the fabric. I would hate how wrinkled and stretched it would get after and it doesn’t even look that good with the knot in it. If you had the knot in the back it would be really uncomfortable when sitting and leaning into a chair.

  1. This is the color I ordered but now I see on FB there may be a problem with the colors mixed up again……Grrrrrr. This happened to me with the Modern Vs. I hope I get the right one!

  2. I highly suspect there are only one or two ways I'll be wearing this Wrap (if I keep it, haven't tried one on yet). I recall seeing the Spring Fling tanks and Knotty Tanks in the stores – so obvious that women had been tying knots in them – I too would never do this.

  3. I hope this tank is river rock. I so badly want a crb in that color to match my groove pants & wunder groove crops. I have oasis but want a lighter color. I want to wear it when I wear my oasis stride because the strings are that color. I hope some tanks come out in River Rock.

  4. If you look at the other pictures on the facebook site I think it's some kind of tank, it might not even be Lulu.

  5. Happened to me to with the Modern V. I'm lucky that I can just pop in a store to return but it's a huge hassle for people that don't live near a store.

  6. The more I look at it and the looseness of it I think it's a River Rock Pima. Trouble!!! I would need to get one if thats what it is.

  7. I think it's a tank too actually, neck is too low to be a pima t. But I don't think I've seen FB lulu pictures with their educators wearing something not lulu before.

  8. I'm also wondering what the tank is because it looks nice and long. I'm 5'7" but with a long torso and need something longer. Even the CRBs only hit me at the hip…

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