by Cristina

Stride II Black

June 26, 2010

I want this in Wish but if it doesn’t come out in that color the black really does look nice layered over Wish and Black may be a better go with everything type of jacket.  I ended up going back and buying the darn bag and I love it. Using it on the buggy (fits all the cloth diaper gear I need for a day, unlike my current diaper bag). Wish is such a mood altering color for me, makes me smile like a lunatic amidst the kiddie chaos.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I am also hoping the stride comes out in wish. I hope they bring it out soon so I can decide whether to buy that or the define. I have too many defines but need a jacket in this new color. That's great you bought the bag and are enjoying it for everyday use. I am still debating if I am going to buy a jumpstart gym bag. I love classy bag and there's nothing wrong with it. The jumpstart bag just doesn't look good when you don't have anything in it. So on days where I don't take alot in the bag with me I think it will collapse and look funny. With the classy bag you can have 1 bottle of water in it and noone would know because it is more sturdy. Oh, the decisions we have to make!

  2. Lululemon mum says:

    I agree about the empty bag consideration, that bugs me too.
    I miss being able to travel with one thing in my bag. Now it's diapers, wipes change of clothes for 2 kids, drinks and snacks…and then for me my phone, wallet and lipgloss. My bag had about 1 second of being perfectly empty and clean and then got loaded up and had milk spilled all over it. But I still gaze at it lovingly when my kiddies are being crazy 😀

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