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Sizes…were are the size 12’s going?

June 2, 2010

This is kinda annoying. Everything coming out lately is minus size 12’s and there letting the 12’s run out in the bras that do come in that size. I’ve moved down to a firm size 10 in the last few weeks but still, why would they get rid of a pretty popular size that some of there educators also wear? Many size 12’s are very athletic and fit people so I’m not understanding why this change.

The new No Limit Tank and the Savasana wrap have come in only up till 10, the layer me bra and the hot Yoga bra go till 10. Not very progressive of Lulu. I wonder if there making there 10’s bigger like many American companies do.

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2 responses to “Sizes…were are the size 12’s going?”

  1. Heather says:

    you totally took the words out of my mouth. I'm a solid 10 in most bottoms and tops now, but still- I have a closet full of 12's so there is clearly a market for it. I'm a busty mom, and squeezing my girls into the size 10 bliss tank is a bit of a stretch to be honest. I wouldn't be able to pull it off if I was still nursing, that's for sure!

    The clothes are getting more and more expensive and increasingly only made to fit smaller women (size 14 is basically gone and size 12 seems to be on it's way out) which seems a bit unfair to the masses. Not very encouraging to those starting out on a path to fitness, or busty and bigger athletic women who have a need for 4 way stretch and inherent wicking qualities… 🙂

    However, that said, like you mentioned Lulu is very very generous with their sizes. I would say they run at least 2 sizes larger than most stores.

  2. Lulumum says:

    It's so frustrating isn't it? especially since most active size 12's will move through a few sizes over the course of a year.

    The Bliss tank has been a staple nursing top for me, especially since i don't need to wear a nursing bra under it and I find it just as supportive as my Bella Materna bra. I just throw on a cardigan over it or my Free2Be and I feel much more modest that way.

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