Lulu Lab Trip

Today I went to the Lulu lab to pick up the Godess tank which Nancy of “your personal lulu shopper” recommended. I chose the pale blue one because I love that color but was a bit worried because the top of your bra will pretty much be showing (although I haven’t tried it on yet with a non-lulu bra). and I don’t have a white Flow Y bra yet, just a Potion Purple and a Faded Zap one which may work but Ill need a second opinion. The blue tank was also a bit of a thicker cotton material so not as sheer as the white. I love the way this tank fits as it’s so flattering to many body types. It really draws your attention up to the neckline but has a really pretty hem that hits at the right spot on your thigh just bellow your bum.

I also tried on the ride on crop without the zipper at the bottom and it was very cute.

The Nirvana skirt was very pretty too but I think it’s too short on me and the wider pockets and thick cotton added too much volume on my thighs and hips

The lab was very busy today with people trying on California Rolls, Tunics and Goddess tanks. Lots of new California Rolls in blue and brown and I think they also had black. The brown was not a very dark brown but it was still pretty, almost a cross between chocolate and oatmeal. I’m glad the Lab is doing so well, hope they post more pictures to the albums with pictures of all the color options as well. Seeing as Nancy is so busy with Lab orders these days.



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  1. What are the California Rolls? I searched the lululemon lab site on facebook, but couldn't fine a picture of them?

  2. Thank you so much for pointing me in the right direction. I love the look of them, hope they might hit stores at some point… *crossing fingers*

  3. There getting lots of great feedback and with Nancy from "your personal lulu shopper" placing so many orders they have increased production. I have a feeling we'll see these very soon in stores.

  4. Ill be posting pictures soon of my tank on and maybe a close up of some of the details on it. keep checking back ;D

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