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Fit Review of the Gather Dance Strap Bra

by Cristina

I ended up able to stop in at the Metrotown Lululemon store after accomplishing some errands in order to try on the Gather Dance Strap Bra for my loyal readers ;D I’m very sorry to disappoint because these bra’s have such great potential for layering, especially for someone like me who just can’t handle the warmth of layering over a tank in winter let alone summer.  This bra at a size 10 was as I suspected more like a 6, barely an 8. While the band didn’t feel too tight around the ribs, the boobs were hanging out of the top and bottom with an ugly pancake effect. Horrible, just horrible. I don’t understand why Lululemon is making these bras with zero cup coverage. This has nothing to do with being a larger size or a smaller size, the cups just don’t work for anyone size b+ and over. another thing I didn’t care for in this bra was that the straps were so short that the back went up in a big upside down V. The tank version of this has longer straps that don’t do that to me at all. It’s so odd that I can wear this tank in a size 10 and it look good on but then they make the bra version which is supposedly just the top part of this tank and it does not work at all. Big fail for this one.

I also tried on the Savage Green Lulu crops and they were a pass as they made me look like a leprechaun. The Classic Sport Grey and Angel Striped one was nice and if you have that Flashback Jacket it would look very cute together.

Really disappointing trip overall.
Gather Dance Strap Bra

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Becky June 16, 2010 - 12:17 am

Thanks for the review. I will be passing on this also.

Any pants in the Savage Green are an immediate pass for me, due to what you said, the Leprechaun effect, LOL.

Anonymous June 16, 2010 - 12:54 am

Ugh. Hate the dreaded pancake effect. All of lulu's low-profile bras seem to create it. Was hoping the ruching might counter the effect. Guess not huh?

Lululemon mum June 16, 2010 - 12:31 am

haha, I tried. It's such a nice green, just not wearable for me. Except for the Savage striped Featherweight Socks, those are my favourite socks ever.


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