Friday, December 8, 2023

The case for having regular pedicures done.

by Cristina

Well, my first running related injury happened this weekend. An ingrown toenail. This is a repeat problem for me and I’ve had one treated before, but this one was bad. real bad. Caused by the shape of my nail combined with running. And it got to it’s pinnacle of pain this morning after a long night of throbbing aching pain waking me up. I’ve had two kids and a wisdom tooth complicated with dry socket…I have a pretty high pain threshold, this was by far the worst. So off I went to a podiatrist to get this treated because there was no way in hell I was going to get a walk in clinic anywhere near my toe. Last time I had this treated my GP (at the time!!!) decided to excise it without a local.

This very kind Dr. froze me up good and removed the offending wedge of nail with instructions to come back in a few months when this happens again, because it will (but before it becomes infected) and that way I can get that portion of the nail bed killed at the root. You end up with very cute shaped nails after though.

All of today cost me $145 and the future root treatment will cost $200. Pedicures may not have prevented this (I have weird toe nails)…but it may have been a low cost solution if done every 8 weeks regularly. In the meantime, I can resume running tomorrow…but right now I am in so much pain that I just want to have my entire toe removed.

So girls (and guys), get pedicures. It’s actually good for your health.

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