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lululemon wish list + gift ideas to treat your lululemon besties

lululemon wish list + gift ideas to treat your lululemon besties

This holiday season I am so excited to be partnering with lululemon on a series of fun holiday posts. lululemon is sponsoring this post and has sent me this amazing outfit which includes my very first down parka. I’ve been blogging about lululemon since 2010… and this is My FIRST EVER winter parka if you can believe it. A lululemon parka has been on my holiday wish list for years! I’m so excited to finally have one. And it’s this gorgeous, festive dark red! lululemon winter items are seriously my favourite and the jackets especially  are pinnacle for me.


On my holiday wish list for the past....mmmm...4 years?

Parka jackets are a tough fit for pear shaped figures. especially short-petite pear shapes like me. Often, when parkas fit well enough over the hips they are too overwhelming everywhere else. Not this one though. This a-lined down quilted parka is so flattering and fits very comfortably. I can easily wear this  zipped up all the way while driving.  It feels really luxurious to have a well-fitting proper winter coat. I don’t know why, but coats as a gift always feel so mothering and nurturing.  Maybe it reminds me of  screaming at my kids out the van door to ‘TAKE YOUR JACKETS! Don’t you see it’s FREEZING?!!’, or my mother screaming the exact same thing to me to this day. I really don’t want my kids to feel even one degree too cold. lululemon has several coats this year that have caught my eye and have made it firmly onto my Christmas wish list. 

On my holiday wish list this year: all the jackets!

With two brand new puppies simultaneously house training, this sleet street long jacket has come in so handy. I am outside in freezing downpours at least three times per hour. When one pup decides to take her time and sniff blades of grass,  the other one that’s finished can cuddle up inside my jacket for warmth. 

Thank you to lululemon for this fabulous opportunity, and for generously providing me with this outfit. Details of  what I’m wearing are right below. As always, I monetize my site with affiliate links. All opinions are my own and all content is driven solely by my discretion. 

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Shareable Wish Lists

Did you know that lululemon has these new wish list features available on the app? They’ve given their old wish list a major upgrade by making them shareable in two ways. Via text, or QR code. You can also organize multiple wish lists for different people in your life or for different occasions. 

The recipient sees the exact item in the correct size and color you are wanting, and all they need to do is add it to their shopping cart. Nobody needs to even think or guess… It’s as simple as just adding it to the shopping cart from the comfort of home. No need to go to the mall and look for parking. Isn’t that it’s own gift?  If they do go to the store though, they can just hold their phone up with confusion and show the wish list to an educator and they will pull the right item for you.  I created a little video here for you to see how amazing this new wish list is. 

gift ideas for your lululemon loving besties

This gift guide isn’t exclusive to your lululemon besties, but my besties are who I had in mind for my gift guide. When I say besties I don’t just mean best friends or those within my inner familiar circle, I mean Best PeopleOr rather, the best [email protected]*ches. I have so many women in my life right now where lululemon is the ultimate gift for them and I really want to honour them as best [email protected]*ches.

My daughters dance teacher; volleyball coach; long term support teacher; doctors; my best friends; my mom; my sister; my sisters in law….my mother in law… and that’s just the women in my life. I’ll share some more wish lists in another post but today I really wanted to focus on our besties. Or rather, the best [email protected]*ches out there.. The women who nurtured us during uncertain and weird times.  The women who spent this entire year nurturing everyones needs, forgetting their own. Or even the women I know who struggled through it.


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My nice list.

Specifically I’m picturing my daughters dance teacher who dedicated this past year to zoom classes, and went from 1-2 live classes per week, to daily zoom classes (for free!!). She made sure to check in with her girls every single day to see  how their days where going. 

She went from being an ultra competitive dance teacher, to shifting her focus entirely to fostering healthy habits and positive mindset. She helped her older girls who where supposed to travel to Ireland for world championships this year cope with the disapointment. She reminded the girls the entire time to work hard and work on goals no matter what was going on around them. Teaching them each day  to celebrate each others goals, progress and successes no matter how small.  And to mark accomplishments earned and goals met in a different ways other than medals. She provided meaningful focus.

I’m also specifically thinking of that support teacher who is there year after year and knows my kid so well, and looked out for her during some scary times. Specifically checked-in and kept connections going, and eased some of the burden from me by making sure she was doing ok and she was looked out for, even if virtually. 

Or, our family doctor who is also a young mom and a cancer survivor and runs her own very busy practice of primarily elderly patients. She has cared for her patients all year selflessly allaying fears, supporting us through homeschooling issues, kids with anxiety,  back to school fears. She reminded us to come in for flu shots and check-ins, and she accommodated kids who have missed too much school already by doing online appointments. Giving a physical hug even throughout all of this, because she felt it was so essential to do so.  

Check out my gift guide which you can shop by clicking on the little icons. I have a lot of little stocking stuffers on here but those will be in addition to the chocolate/coffee/wine gifts I usually gift. For my main  best [email protected]*ches I told you about, they will get the pretty Scuba Hoodie Plush ( perfect I think to take the place of a hug ) and Align Tights and the On My Level Bag Large which I love. 

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