Stay tuned for more on the Lululemon Holiday Upload

Slush Hour Parka 

Slush Hour Parka  Glacier

Vinyasa Scarf 

Seek Stillness Pullover

  1. I know right…. Umm it’s December 7th already. Kinda tired waiting for new drops. If they don’t put more merchandise out soon people will shop elsewhere. Seriously lululemon.

  2. I ordered the new Slush Hour parka because I could not resist the colours. They remind me of a winter wonderland painting and the parka looks warm too. After my online purchase, I started reading the reviews. OMG. Apparently the feathers fly out of the parka, it sheds like crazy, and there were a lot of unhappy buyers because of that. It’s full price and I can always return it if it happens to me, but I really love the looks of this garment…

  3. Hey lulumum or any lulu addicts 🙂 do you have a photo of the 2019 seasonal shopper bags? I always order online but if they have seasonal bags I want to see what they look like and if I should go in the store to get one. Thank you in advance!

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