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Website Restocks

January 22, 2015

This is a new feature on my blog I hope to continue weekly as long as restocks happen predictably. I may add images to the post but for now thought this would be quickest for you to have direct links to the restock items.

US side 1x a Lady Alberta Lake size 4 and ; 12, White size 12, Black just added.

US side Fluffed Up Vest Alberta Lake size 4 & 12

CAD side Fluffin Awesome Vest Fuel Green size 6

CAD side Stretch It Out Hoodie White size 4

CAD side Think Fast Hoodie size 6, 8, 1

CAD side Find Your Centre Wrap Marled Black size 6, Marled Rust Berry size 6,8

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3 responses to “Website Restocks”

  1. Thanks lulumum awesome idea! 🙂
    Also just wanted to give some input on your new layout
    Not much has changed for me cuz I'm always on the mobile version but I am not the biggest fan of the links to the lululemon page from the pictures. Convenient for sure but because I am on a mobile I used to click on the photos to be able to zoom in and now I can't which is a bit of a bummer 🙁 guess I could just get out of mobile view though lol
    Love your blog!

    • Lulumum says:

      I've had a few people mention that so I'm going to try and split it up a bit where it makes sense and add some none link image posts. When I use unlinked photos I will post above it [click to zoom in] so that you know it is not a link. On a post like this one I think the image links make sense where people want to quickly get to that product and check out before it sells.
      Thanks for your feedback!!

    • J in TO says:

      I agree with Jessica, as I also view on mobile. I think your solution is a great compromise and makes sense. Thanks!

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