1. Not a whole lot going on. The Astro Pant would be nice but I don’t care for the contrasting waistband. That’s not an area I want to highlight.

    I did order the Groove Pant Flare in “deep ivy” for $69.00 on WMTM. I think it went up today because I have been watching for it and didn’t see it yesterday.

    Hopefully LLL will have a real download next Tuesday.

      1. Side note: I bet it’s going to be a Rebel Runner name, because the sleeves look like the bottoms of the pants with the contrast fabric. Maybe the next upload we’ll see them online…

  2. I think there’s a new Merino Bundle Up Wrap ($178) that might have gone up today too (two colors/US). The pictures look good. I have a Lululemon merino wrap from a few years ago and it held up beautifully. But it was nowhere near that price point, if I can recall correctly.

    I’m hoping it goes on WMTM after the holiday. No way I’m spending that much.

    I was actually looking for a nice ear wrap. I’ll have to compare this to Patagonia’s.

  3. I ordered the Rebel Runners in the Scatter Blossom. So happy they brought them back and at the same price. An $88 price tag is rare with Lulu these days. I’m also considering the Spaced Out Space Dye color….. (a little thrown off by the photos though as they hit me about an inch above my ankle. And they hit my friend who wears tall length pants as a true crop but nowhere near as short as they are on the model ??‍♀️). I also like asym zip top paired with the crops.

    1. Any idea how the rebel runners compare in length to other crops? I chatted w lulu website & they didn’t have lengths. The 24inch WU are perfect crop for me & I’m short. Wondering if these will be more full length.

      1. The RR are longer than most crops. I had a pair and sold (regret that sale!), but i would say they are similar in length to the all the right places crop.

  4. Couldn’t care less about these “heritage” styles. I feel like they just looked at the resale market and attempted to gauge what people might buy again. I was never into the original Astro pants, the IYLL is pretty played out… And is it just me or is the length on the Astros really dorky in the photo?

      1. I know… I LOVE rebel runners. I own all the (non-see through) colors. I wish they would have chosen some attractive colors. I would have bought 5. 🙁

  5. I don’t know why the Astro Pant is $10. more than the Groove Pant, glad I am not into the Astros. I think the last few drops have been weak. Noticing a lot of new stuff on sites in other countries but for some reason Canada is getting short changed. I find this really stupid and short sighted on their part. I was glad to see the return of the Sherpa Mitts and I was about to order them when I saw they were $62. plus tax, ridiculous price so I didn’t order. I will go out and find some cheaper ones elsewhere.

  6. The trouble with the heritage pieces is that I have all the ones I wanted to have from the past – I have an extensive Lululemon collection. I also have a long memory, and I remember these old designs languishing on WMTM for a long time, like the If You Are Lucky long sleeves. I didn’t want them then and I don’t want them now. It’s a good try to drag them out again, maybe there will be new customers interested in buying them. Frankly, I feel they are dated, and I’m not interested. The Sherpa items are good, I will wait until they go on sale. They seem way overpriced to me.

  7. I would’ve bought the Sherpa snood but then I saw the price! Wow!
    I want the Skinny Wills in the variegated knit. I have a pair that are now too small. I miss all of those yummy knits Lulu used to offer.

  8. C’mon Tuck and Flows…..just kidding, I think that boat has sailed and Lulu was just playing with us. I do love the Skinny Wills and want a pair. I also wish they would bring back the Flip Your Dog LS and more Love Tees in maybe some prints this time around.

  9. I may be in the minority, but I love the sherpa. I agree with others that the prices are ridiculous, but if I wear something all of time, I don’t mind spending more.

    The past LLL sherpa items were cute, warm and (most importantly for me) they didn’t itch. I got similar black scarf, gloves and hat (no cable) 2 years ago and really enjoyed them. In fact, I was sad when I lost one glove and the scarf towards the end of the last winter — especially since they didn’t offer a comparable set in Holiday 2017, or at least I didn’t see them.

    Except for the 2016 hat, which was bizarrely small, I wore them every frigid cold day.

    Before ordering, I looked carefully and did not see the FINAL SALE sign on this AW hat so I figured there was no risk in trying it; anyway, the current hat looks bigger so fingers crossed.

    I also bought the mittens and the snood/scarf — all in Angel Wing.

    If anyone wants, I can give an update once I get my sherpa stuff arrives. (BTW, if I remember correctly, 2 years ago the sherpa stuff did sell out. However, this year’s version may not be as good so that may not be a concern.)

    1. I would love feedback on these items. I’m willing to spend for really good quality items that I will use on a daily basis during the very long and cold winters we have here.

      1. Yes, same here. I will leave my “review” as soon as I get my parcel. My fingers are crossed the Sherpa items are of good quality and reasonable size this year.

  10. anyone receive their black Friday orders yet? one of three got canceled (stopover jacket), and one they sent me mens boxers instead of a define jacket *facepalm*

  11. The sherpa stuff I got in years prior (the mittens, the big snood that came in grey and black a few years ago, and the sherpa infinity scarf) were well worth the price. They are so unbelievably warm – especially the mittens. My hands are nearly sweating in them in anything warmer than -10, and they were generously sized. I don’t know if the current sherpa offerings are the same quality, but I wouldn’t be dissuaded by the price. The quality was there and I wear them all through the winter and I stay super toasty warm. I’m not sure if the sherpa is the same this year though, but would be curious to hear. I wouldn’t mind picking up another pair of mittens if they are.

    1. Yes I agree with you. I own many pairs of sherpa from LULULEMON. Excellent quality and super warm. This season is no exception. I bought the hat, mittens and scarf. I got black but am thinking I also need angel wing. I spend 3 months in Banff December to February and my hands and head are never cold

      1. I am so glad I read your review. Your experience with the current accessories makes me feel better about my online purchase. (I am the woman who bought the Angel Wing hat, mittens and snood.)

        And yes, my gloves from 2 years ago were so warm that I kept the remaining one after I lost the other. I guess I figured one toasty hand is better than none.

        I will still leave my impressions once I get my parcel.

        1. I especially love this year’s Snood. I think this version is prettier and nicer than their previous one .
          It is very soft and warm but not super bulky. I think the cable knit makes this line so pretty

  12. Cristina, I seem to recall that your favorite workout leggings are made out of Everlux. If so, how does Everlux compare to Nulux and Luxtreme?

    1. They are! It’s actually really similar to Nulux and luxtreme. Probably closer to luxtreme but with the softness of nulux. I find nulux thicker and shinier, and it tends to migrate on me while everlux ‘sticks’ and is a bit more breathable. I like my fast & frees too but my In Movement tights are #1. I should probably have backups of the black.

      1. Cristina, thanks for the feedback! I have my first pair of everlux leggings on order. ?
        Glad to hear that you love the fabric because many of the Lululemon website reviews for the In Movement tights are negative.
        Honestly, if I read the website reviews first I wouldn’t order much of anything. But some of my favorite most durable items have numerous horrible reviews.

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