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Nothing for me today (yet) although I am eyeing up the two swiftlies in Deep Rouge and Midnight Navy, the Alpine Rose Wunder Unders, and the Muscle Love Tank. I think I’m going to hold out for markdown though seeing as Lululemon is so incented to give deeper discounts at the outlets to move product. If they are further marking down pants to $11, and bras to $9 for VIP’s, there is a brand problem.  This more than quick markdowns has trained me the hard way to not pay full price anymore. 

Everyday Getaway Jacket

Cadence Crusher Tight

Kicking Asphalt Vest

Wunder Under 1/2 Tight

Wunder Under Hi-Rise Tight

Swiftly Tech LS Crew

Run Times Short

Wunder Under Crop III

Energy Bra

Scuba Hoodie IV

Kicking Asphalt Jacket

Lost In Pace Long Sleeve

Fresh Track Pant II

Muscle Love Tank

Wunder Under Low-Rise

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Hotty Hot Short Dark Chrome

Check out the jacket preview.

Kicking Asphalt 1/2 Zip

Lost In Pace Short Sleeve

Move Bra

Pace Rival Crop


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  • These colors remind me of fall, not spring… but I'm kind of in love with them!!! The rogue and midnight navy are beautiful IMO!!! I hope they come out as colors for the full length align pants!!!

  • What's the deal with the "Wunder Under High Rise 7/8"? Why do they reference the High Times? They just took WUP and hacked the bottom inches off?

  • For me they are two different pants at the waist. Wunder under's seam cuts me off in an unflattering way, where the high times seam comes up higher and gives a nicer shape. But sure if it's just me ����‍♀️

  • I got the radiant rose WU 1/2 tights. Unsure of the length but worth trying. I like the poseidon color but none of the style options are thrilling me. At this point I'm not buying anymore winter gear unless it's on WMTM. And if this was a spring launch, these colors sure don't look like it!

  • Boy if this is their Spring launch then there is not much to be excited about. Boring colours for jackets, more heathered tops, why oh why is heathered still being done. The only thing that caught my eye in this drop was the bomber jacket although not a style I wear it's definitely a stye on trend this year.

  • Would have been way more excited in August or September to see these colors! The rouge color caught my eye – if it looks great on me then i'll spring for energy bra and wuc or fingers crossed power-y. These are all basic styles though and I've noticed that all of the energy bras of late are a solid color or solid pattern – no more multi colored straps and bands. Of course it's cheaper to do this.

    • Rouge totally caught my eye too. The UK upload had a solid colored rouge power y. Also, I may be in the minority, but I don't care for the contrasting or patterned straps on bras or tanks like the power y. It makes it so much harder to match items. But that's just me, to each their own 🙂

    • Samantha – agree totally on power y's – solid all the way – but i like to mix it up in the bra department 🙂 (although i do have a substantial number of solid bras too)

    • I'm with Samantha on this as well. Definitely could be a cost cutting measure, but I always felt that the mismatch bra and strap colors looked a bit juvenile. Happy to see all these solid colors. Just my opinion of course though! And it couldn't hurt to have both options for those who like more exciting bra colors 🙂

  • My wallet is happy…I don't care for rust colours so I am good. Now had there been an orange or poiseden crb or bra I may have been tempted. Now to wait for wmtm. A few pants I've been waiting for markdown. I think I'm slowing down with all the greys black white prints. The designs aren't appealing at all.

  • That silvery coat is reminding me so much of a jacket I had as a kid in the 80s. I think it's the band around the bottom and the shiny material. Cute, but very trendy and something I know I wouldn't wear in a year from now.

    I'm happy to see a little color in the mix!

  • I like the Muscle Love tank in that green color! I haven't been buying Lulu lately though and have tried Athleta and love it and other brands.

  • Just putting it out there but is anyone else feeling ripped off over the pricing of most of LLL product? We all had to stomach the Swiftly price hikes but they are now cheaper than the light luon technical tops by $6.00 and yet there is nothing different about them technically other than Swiftlies are a tighter fit but all have silverscent. The s/s light luon tops in Canada are close to $80. with taxes, in boring heathered grey, black and maybe one other colour. Even the eight colour choices for s/s Swiftlies right now in Canada are either grey, black, white and only one colour(capri blue).

    This new Lost in Pace l/s will be $90. with taxes in some provinces and for what? It is priced $6.00 higher than the l/s Swiftly, both have silverscent but one is a tighter fit than the other. It was hard enough to swallow the price hike of the Swiftlies but now the only other technical choices are even more expensive and what do we get for that price hike, boring heathered colours.

    These are the reasons I am just not buying LLL anymore. It's not that I can't afford it, I absolutely can, but I am not going to throw my money away on technical gear this plain and boring just because it's LLL. For the prices they are charging they are going to have to put out something better than this stuff to get my money.

    • You are definitely not alone in this opinion. I'm pretty bored with the current offerings, and have been for quite a long time. That said, I am occasionally tempted by some plainer pieces, like swiftlies and the new Lost in Pace LS. They are the kind of thing that will be really versatile. However, I just can't swallow the current price point. I'd quite like to get the new LS, but I refuse to pay full price for anything anymore. I'll take my chances and see if it goes to WMTM, but if not…whatevs.

    • totally agree. I have been buying only the CRB (original one) and Vinyasas when I find them on WMTM. nothing else for me.

    • Hi Anon 6:36, this is Anon 5:43am – I love my Swiftlies and wear them daily in the spring/summer months. I too don't mind plainer pieces as long as the colours are good and the price is decent. Infact I wanted to buy the Run Around s/s top that came out last Spring but at $74. for such a plain top I held off until I was able to get one on WMTM. Since I wear Swiftlies all the time I wanted to change it up with a looser fitted running top and although I didn't get the colour I liked the best because I waited for WMTM I was determined not to pay full price for it. I am also not going to buy anymore light luon heathered tops as I am so bored with the heathered look.

    • I am also so over the heathered light luon colours!!! I have one LS in the white colour, so I don't need anymore and the other colours are blah.

    • It's not just you. I've had twelve items in my cart, some for months at this point, and none of them have sold out in my size (or others). The prices on their "core" items are becoming particularly egregious.

  • Nope, nothing for me. The navy and deep rouge colors are pretty, but I agree with previous posters that the look pretty Fall. Nothing here looks very compelling to me. :/
    I would love to know if Lulu is going to move away from these boxy, androgynous designs. Are they feeling the pinch? Or do they feel like sales are good?

    • That's the ten million dollar question, for sure. I wish I knew if they were going to keep going this way, because I'd just be done. But I keep checking the uploads, hoping that they'll wake up, throw away the man-fug and start designing for women again. With female shapes. And tastes.

  • Reading the comments on the blogs land boards lately it seems that most lulu fans aren't buying at full price anymore and are holding out for wmtm. I wonder how much this is hurting them, on one hand we aren't paying full price, but we're buying their products at a slightly cheaper price, that aren't refundable. Makes me very curious if they are feeling the pinch.

    I'm not a red person, so I don't feel any intrigue by deep rouge. I think deep rouge should have been saved for next fall as a replacement for the overdone bourdeaux drama, so tired of that color. If poseidon or filtered orange come to Canada in a CRB, I'll wait to see if they make it to wmtm and get them cheaper. But I seriously hope more spring colors start popping up.

    • I am not a red person either and find it strange that this colour is coming out now when lighter brighter colours for Spring should be hitting stores any day now. I certainly am not interested in getting deep rouge running shorts. I think Poseidon and Filtered Orange would pair nicely together like Poseidon Run Times with Filtered Orange top. How about a Poseidon Spring Jacket instead of the predictable black or white.

    • This shade of rust was a big trend for Spring in Europe last year. I didn't understand the timing then and don't now. I don't hate the color, and meant to buy a summer sweater in the shade, but didn't get around to it. I lived. I think I can skip the trend this year, too.

  • I'm loving Dark Chrome color. Also interested in Lost in Pace l/s, but not at that price. I would love to wait till it goes to wmtm, but I'm a size 4 and it seems to be most popular size as it usually sells out first at least at my store.

  • The colors are all over the place. Nothing tells a story. Miss the days when you could see by the waist band of the pants what new colors were coming or the monthly prints in different colors. Now it's just hero blue, black and white. It's as though lululemon and athleta flip flopped marketing strategies. Some of these colors are very pretty but they would have done better mixed in with all the black and white prints at holiday time.

    • Oh, I loved the quilted waistbands. I just got my daughter an adorable pair of quilted crops from Ivivva. My dream is that Holman gets fired and they replace him with the Ivivva designers. Hey, some people dream about the lottery; let me have my silly dreams!

  • LLM – reading the header on this post you talk of outlets and deep discounts for VIP's. Could you do a post on this explaining in more detail how outlets work, why LLL seems to be moving product to outlets instead of putting more product on North American WMTM. I also was not aware of angel shoppers and would be interested in knowing more about this even though it is not something I would need. Ever since that article was written about how much product LLL had on WMTM a lot was taken off and has never come back, would that product have gone to outlets or are they still sitting on it. I see for that awhile now Austraila and UK WMTM product increased quite a lot where NA has remained low. Are there less outlets in those countries? I know I may be asking questions you don't have the answers to but I am intrigued with knowing more about this. TIA

    • I am very interested in this too!
      I am wondering how this buying in bulk from the outlets work. apparently if you buy a lot (a few thousands worth of merchandise) you can bargain with them and they will give you a significant discount. I honestly never heard of a customer to be able to negotiate the price of an item at retailers (and I am not talking about the times when you bargain in a market during your vacation). Like, what serious retailer does that?? can I go to Nordstrom Rack and bargain?

    • i was at the greater vancouver outlet this morning, and i didn't notice any deep discounts? i wear a 2 though and there wasn't as much selection in this size – maybe someone else had a different experience with other sizes? as far as i could tell, the prices were very similar to wmtm with the upside being i could try on the items before committing.
      there were some things at the outlet that aren't currently on wmtm like ss swiftlys for $49 and a boom juice define for $89, but the reverse is also true – there are some things on wmtm that aren't at the outlet (didn't seem to be any fleece be true items at the outlet). the outlet seemed to have some things that i never saw in stores before like a picnic play dress in grey with aqua coloured straps (i think it was $89 – seems kind of steep for a 2015 dress?).
      they have a reasonably good selection of men's clothes (i looked at some of the large clothes for my bf and it was the same items as wmtm and similar pricing) and some racks of ivivva too.

    • The Vancouver outlet is one of the store that offer special discounts for bulk buyers. Fill a bag for $600 or BOGO events. Not advertised for regular customers. You could always ask the store manager though, they may be a lot more flexible with outlet pricing across the board now vs. before. All you can do is ask.

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