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I don’t think there is an upload at this point – I’ll update you with an email and a post if there is. I did notice that Canada got this new release Outrun 17″ Crop on markdown for $49 today on markdown and I’ve been waiting for it to upload since Hong Kong got it a last week. I really liked the WU’s in this Mini Cinder Lace Print so I decided to snatch these up. Looks like the US got a few new Cool Racerback (original) in unreleased colors today on WMTM – Jet Set Blue would have totally been right up my alley. 

Outrun 17″ Crop




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  1. I wish canada got the crbs…would have loved Bon bon and other colours. I did get the outrun above in both cereleun blue and the cinder lace in pics. They were uploaded in the initial wmtm upload on Christmas eve…or whenever that was. I'm not crazy about black mesh but will see what they look like on. I went to store on boxing day and was disappointed as everything was same as upload. I figure I would wait for more markdowns as returns start coming in. And eventually some prints will get marked down. I tried the ombre in my tts and they are so long both in waistband and at ankle…not sure if sizing down will take care of issue. I'm patiently waiting for dazzle print to be marked down too…..

  2. Got the Jet Blue CRB :). I have the Jet Blue Define and absolutely love the color and the luon thickness. Thank you for the heads up, Lulumum! Hopefully the original CRBs will be uploaded on the Canadian side eventually.

    1. Yeah, I am hoping that too. I am a little green that the us got all the CRBs. Would have snapped up 4 of them even at reg price as I won't buy the new version. So disappointing. But on a positive note I missed the Sherpa snood twice! Grrr, so I got determined and managed to track down both grey and black at other Ontario stores and they are shipping to me! I know I will wear the heck out of these and they won't give me the horrid hat hair that all toques do but wasn't willing to pay $88 + tax for so I was happy!

    2. @ Lindsay, Tracked a black one from eaton centre and a grey one from the Ottawa store. Sherway said they had some but I got through to eaton centre first. Good hunting! ( there were some at the BC stores as well but didn't need to go that far in my calls)

  3. Thanks so much for letting us know! Grabbed CRB in jet set blue and fatigue, ordered the gator green that was uploaded on Christmas will compare colors. I was so disappointed when I missed out initial release so glad to get them! 🙂

  4. really pissed that Canada didn't get any original CRBs on markdown. Can they move the company to US already? it's obvious they are over Canada with a lot of the decisions and statements they made this year.

    1. Totally agree. So frustrating that a Canadian started company has no regard for the Cnd market any more. Good bye to you to Lululemon, I am finally starting to get over you.

  5. Somebody pls comment on Fresh Tracks pants! I size down in Jet pant and Jet crops to a size 2, but these look more fitted. Should I stay tts? TIA!!

    1. TTS but I returned mine for being too thin. Even the Ed agreed they felt more like brushed fleece than tech fleece. Not worth the money.

    1. I was so happy to see this! I hesitated on the first upload of these on Christmas and my size sold out. Ended up with bordeaux drama, fatigue, gator green and regal plum. Debating the coal snake print and naval blue, not sure I'd wear them though. So, I have to think if I'm buying just because it's been discontinued or do I really want it? Dilemma.

    2. @anon 9:48AM – of course NOT in Canada. I don't think they give a c..p about what they sell in this country.
      I am sorry, I am really ticked off by their strategy this year. I feel they've made some poor decisions for the Canadian market. and then you hear them whining about leaving Canada unless the government allows them to hire foreign specialists because there are none here. Good riddance Lululemon! go and never look back.
      Rant over.

    3. I'm with you all the way! So done. There are several competing companies who are stepping up their game and that's were I am headed.

  6. I also ordered the mini cinder lace outrun crops. I looooooove the print, but I couldn't justify $98 for the WUP when I already have the black/white lace print from this summer that has the pattern stretch and the backing show through, but for $49 I'm much more forgiving of that!

  7. Me three! I was going back and forth on this print. I almost snagged another Black bottom, but I figured what the heck.

  8. Wow, my wallet has been safe from LLL product for a long time now. I think I've purchased 4 items in the last 6 months. A few things I liked, but once I saw them in person it was just meh. There's a couple of items I'd grab if they hit serious MD for the warehouse sale. So I'll wait to see.

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