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Cool Racerback for US WMTM

So very annoyed that Canada has not gotten one single CRB I uploaded. Iris Flower and Peacock Blue, Desert Snake Deep Coal are colors that would have been sold out at full price, yet never got released for some reason.

Race With Me One Piece

Go With The Flow One Piece

Workout To Water Top


Go With The Flow Top

Go With The Flow High Waist

Race With Me Top

Suns Out Bikini

Paddle Times Top

Paddle Times Tight

After Waves Dress

Game Day Top

Work Out To Water Short

Chasing Waves Short

Swell Chaser Short

Paddle Times Short



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  1. They need to stop with all the CRBs! My wallet hurts! How many has everyone ordered? I just grabbed number four with the new upload today. 17 colors OMG.

    1. I only ordered one yesterday but I'm tempted to get two more. I don't know if I should since I like variation of styles in my tanks but the colors, the price, the CRB I!! I did Lulu damage on Boxing Day but this is tempting.

    2. I ordered 4 yesterday and 2 more just now. I had to stop myself from buying a few more. I like desert snake and naval blue, but I honestly don't think I'd wear them. Must. Resist.

    3. omg I am with you!!! I've ordered 7 now. They are my all time favorite and now that they've been replaced I will basically buy any reasonably attractive color I can find for retail or less. So excited to expand my CRB rainbow though! <3 I am bummed for Canada though! I have no idea why they couldn't release them in both US and Canada. :-/

    4. Ugh. I was doing well resisting, since I bought a bunch of CRBs on sale over the Summer/Fall, but I caved today and bought Aquamarine, Sprinkler, and Peacock Blue. I think I'm going to really love them, though, so I can't feel too guilty.

    5. I've ordered six so far. And I would've ordered more, but I have similar colors. I also wanted Sprinkler, but my size sold out.

      I wish Lululemon would recognize (and care) that so many faithful clients are snatching up the original CRB.

    6. I doubt it Anon 4:09. If they really wanted to experiment, these CRBs would have gone to "What's New" first at full price. As for LLL caring…that would be a big no, they do not.

    7. I hope that Canada gets a nice WMTM crb upload some time soon as well!
      I just bought a white original crb full price this morning. I kept putting off getting another black one and now it's too late.
      So much for them not discontinuing the CRB completely 🙁

  2. I'm so angry about the original crb's on the US side. None of these have been uploaded to the Canadian side, not one. And I would have bought at least 7 of these new colors. It's been a downhill slide with lulu for the last few months. Whoever made the decision not to add any of these to Canadian site should be fired. Way to give us the short end of the stick again.

    1. Agree with you Anon 10:07 AM.

      This is a p!ss off that they are on wmtm US and most of these colours were never on the Canadian site. I also would have paid full price for several. If they were on US site NEW then I would have hope Canada would get them but I guess not. I used to love this brand and now there's just more and more that I cannot stand about LLL. Bonded seams would be their latest BS move for more crapping out on quality. Close up shop, already!

      And yes, I fully acknowledge that this is a First World Problem.

  3. Just ordered 4 CRBs. I've cut way back on my Lulu this year, but I love my CRBs both for working out and wearing under street clothes. I'm afraid that this is the last time I'll ever be able to buy them. I didn't get the desert snake because I don't like the feel of some of the prints but now I'm wondering if I should go back and get that, too…

    1. I dont like the print ones very much either… I do hear that that one is backed in black though so it shouldn't look bad when stretched!

  4. Ordered the desert snake coal black CRB. Does anyone know if this is printed on white with a white interior (like some of the previous printed CRBs) or if it's printed on coal/black? I'm hoping for the latter! Excited for this neutral print!

  5. Just a heads up that I ordered the gator green CRB on Xmas, and it turned out to be luxtreme instead of luon! Not a fan of luxtreme CBRs, so I returned it at the local store with no problem. Hoping that the other three I ordered today will be luon as stated in the description!

    1. Aww I just ordered the gator green CRB thinking it was Luon. I'm not sure if I'll like a Luxtreme CRB. Thanks for the heads up about the material and that your store took it back. 🙂

    2. How did you get to return it? Was it because they advertised it as Luon so the listing was misleading? Did they give you any grief about trying to return a final sale item? I ordered it too and am waiting for it to arrive, so wonder if I'd have some leeway to return it if I don't like the fabric.

    3. I took it to the local store and acknowledged that it was a final sale item and that I understood that generally they don't offer returns. Then I explained that the website described it as luon and showed them the tag on the CRB that clearly said "luxtreme." I asked for store credit so that I could get something else, and they were happy to oblige!

    4. Just got mine today too, disappointed when I pulled it out and realized it was luxtreme and not luon. Haven't decided yet if I'm keeping it. Waiting for the fatigue that I also ordered and will decide then. FYI the stores will take something back that is final sale if you are not happy with it. I purchased the blooming pixie crops that were uploaded on MD a few weeks ago, the print placement was just awful and looked like something had happened in a particular area that I was not happy with at all, tags where still on, had the receipt, I had just received them the day prior. I explained it to the educator she promptly issued a refund back to my cc with no issues.

    5. I bet all the stores will take the CRBs because they can probably sell them for $49 or whatever the CRB IIs are. People are upset enough about the CRB II that they'll happily pay more than $29 for a CRB I with tags.

    6. Just got my package: not only is the gator green luxtreme, so is the naval blue. Haven't bought a CRB in years so this was a surprise. So turned to this community and see the "heads up" is already up 😉
      Would someone kindly explain to me the pros and/or cons for a luxtreme CRB? TIA! Only own a handful as mostly wear them in winter, layered under long sleeves. Thought would pick up a couple more but this luxtreme, ugh. (I don't own anything in luxtreme)
      Feeling badly that Canada is being burned, considering the origin of this company. However, am feeling burned by false advertising by Lululemon! Grrr.

    7. Yes, naval blue is luxtreme as well (sadly). My local store was also understanding and took it back in exchange for store credit (which went towards an insculpt jacket priced at $59!)

    8. I think LLA prefers Luxtreme tanks. I believe it's because they are cooler than Light Luon. I don't have any experience with them, so I can't comment.

    9. The CRB2 in reflective splatter is Luxtreme. It is one of my favorite tanks, but I had to size up from 4 to 6. Not sure if it is due to the Luxtreme fabric or the cut of the SE tank. Also I don't like my tank too tight so I prefer darker colored CRBs in general. My gator green is coming this Saturday and I hope it will work out.

    10. Ugh. Just received my order and also see that naval blue is luxtreme! I HATE luxtreme. I hope my store will give me a refund (NOT store credit) because there is nothing else I want right now!

    11. Agreed! I'm glad now I didn't order the Naval Blue. I had a navy from last year that is luon and was thinking of getting a back up. Am curious to see what I will receive, am up to 8 now. Wishing I'd gotten Peacock but have Bali Breeze and have the Enhearten tank in Peacock. It's such a gorgeous color I wore it a lot over the summer. If they are all luxtreme I will probably return most of them. Not a fan of this fabric in tanks.

    1. I laughed when I read this because as I scrolled the swim offerings, I thought I'd just wait to see them at the outlet!! They had a rack of swim for $9 each at both Black Friday and Boxing Day. They pretty much always have swim there.

    2. Well, we Americans have given our feedback for years that the swim bottoms are too skimpy for most of our markets and they don't want to hear that. Sure, there are some who can and will wear them, but most of us won't. It's pretty much that simple. Yet every year, it's the same skimpy cuts, usually described as "full coverage" even though 70% ass is showing. Whatever.

  6. I really don't understand what the heck they're doing over there. They should know how much people miss the CRB so don't you think they could have gotten full price for many of these beautiful colors? Not that I'm complaining about paying less for an item I love, especially since I ordered six of them (yikes!!), but it's really as if they have no clue what their customers want. I can't be the only one who would have paid full price for these beauties knowing that the design's been discontinued. My only regret is that I jumped the gun and ordered kayak blue on the 25th and then they came out with a jet set blue two days later. I don't need two blue CRBs and really don't love kayak blue so I'm hoping I can resell that and recoup my money.

    1. I did the same! Then I saw Sprinkler uploaded today, which of course ordered! Now I have 3 blues on their way that will probably be similar shades. I would have absolutely paid full price for Iris Flower, Peacock Blue and Sprinkler! Don't know in what country these gorgeous colors were even uploaded?

    2. Yes! I swear I'd never seen some of those colors before. I'm grateful for the discounted price since I can justify buying more, but it's so odd to me that they didn't even try to sell these at full price before moving them to WMTM.

      I also have to say I love your name! My mother's name is also Gisela and it's so unusual to encounter another one out there. I get excited whenever I find another Gisela!

    1. Yes, I have!!! I called GEC and they told me it meant the warehouse is "out of stock." I ordered the heathered neon pink crb 2x and after the second mix up they credited me $15 towards buying it full price at a store (to cover the amount I would lose as the stores still had it at full price). However, I have had orders "cancelled" 3-4x and when contacting them it's the old "sorry, there's nothing we can do." Call the GEC and see if they can help! Sometimes they are awesome, sometimes not so much. Good luck!!

    1. They had all the swim out at Costco yesterday, so I guess it's not just Lulu! Maybe there are a lot of tropical vacationers in Winter? I can't figure it out.

    2. Not everywhere in North America is cold and true winter. However, for maximum sales it is certainly an odd time to release swimwear. Hardly think that the few, warm places are going to have customers rushing to buy LLL swimwear now. Those locations already surely have a lot of choice. A company would hardly plan around vacationers either.

      But look how paltry the winter wear itself has been. Company makes less and less sense by the day.

  7. It is SO UNFAIR for such a popular item like the original CRB to be released on sale in so many wonderful colours and not give Canadians any is just SO WRONG.

    As for the swimwear the Race With Me print outline in front looks like Mickey Mouse Ears and the Paddle Times Top colour blocking reminds me of batman on the upper black portion and the grey just screams "look at my boobs".

  8. That swim wear is perhaps the ugliest I have ever seen. I can't even believe it.
    Also- very normal for retailers to put out swim at the end of December- it's "resort" for those tropical vacations to escape the snow.

    1. They are mad that they cannot move the company to the US. so now they are trying to piss everyone off so they can justify the move.

    2. Anon 1:12 you are so sweet to wonder if it is something we did. Typically Canadian, right?! 🙂
      It is not us, it's the CEO and team. Instead of giving Canada even a limited run of original CRBs in desirable colours (meaning they would have to keep them in the warehouses and stores here – and they would sell at full price!), no they send them all to the States because the population is larger and LLL is greedy. The CEO could care less about Canadian customer loyalty and doesn't even blush at keeping this consumer happy.

      I realize they will still sell more in the US, however: $29 USD = $39 CAD. Thus would have netted them the same profit had they sold SOME in Canada at full price.

  9. These CRBs must be recently made, hence some new colors and the same model for all of them. I am just puzzled by the rationale behind this? Any intel? Are they testing the market or is this their boxing day special?

  10. It sounds like most of the CRBs on sale are luxtreme so maybe I am ok that Canada didn't get any. I prefer luxtreme pants but not tanks.

  11. If you are after the Go Getter Bag (Heat) in the dark teal colour and are in Toronto, the Briar Hill location had two left this afternoon for $79. A case of the md store price being better that the $99 they were posted for on wmtm.

    It's a nice bag, I almost bought it. Overall I felt that the material might not be durable enough for me and my pretty much daily yoga practice. My current all vinyl LLL bag of a few years is holding up so well.

  12. i ordered three. I love some of those old colors. i ripped open my package today and threw them
    Straight in my drawer. Didn't even feel the fabric. I have several luxtreme tanks but none are Crbs. I have a couple of knock off crbs that are more polyester and they ride up. I am bummed I didn't order jet set but I felt like three was enough. Lol. Where are they coming from? Other markets? Crossing my fingers menthol is close to opal. I love opal and I jumped when I saw the menthol because I mistakenly thought it was the same color. Also wondering how some of these jackets are sold out and then magically appear in a full size run the next day. Returns or scarcity model??

  13. You are all giving the leadership at Lululemon far too much credit; I don't even think they give these things much consideration at all. My guess is they have one of those spinnu wheels like wheel of fortune or price is right, etc. That seems to be their decision making process.

  14. So our choices for swimwear is covered head to toe with the rashguard and tights or have pretty much our entire butt hanging out. These girls are thin and even on them it's not a good look. No one wants to see that on the beach with me. Lulu needs to give up on swimwear actually and re-focus on some good technical gear and get away from all this boxy nonsense. It just kind of cracks me up. There's square, boxy, hide everything very generic tops or let it all hang out, show more than you want suits but nothing flattering and fitted inbetween styles. Lol!

    1. Hahaha! "Cracks" that's what those swimwear will do to some of us! If you can pull it off all the power to you! For myself, it's a sizing up disaster! That being said I bought the high rise hip huggers that they brought back (last season at $29). I do love them! They are surprisingly flattering, reversible and TTS. Just FYI. Maybe try the outlets first? Very normal to see swim start this time of year. Before VS ended their adult swim line, this is when they would do a new release of their amazing new stuff. I think it's more a case of the fashion world always being a few months ahead (besides the large variability in North America with temps and travellers).

    2. I'm the OP Anon 9:16. I'm not looking for swimwear right now. I also wasn't complaining or wondering about why it's out right now either. I'm very familiar with the fashion world and know December is when most stores actually put out a line of swimwear for those heading to warmer climes for the winter or on a vacation. Even my local Target store has swimwear they just put out. I just find it funny that Lulu seems to be all one way or all the other and they literally have no middle ground when they design anything. It's all dark and boring or then all of the sudden we get all neon flash/grapefruit/flashlight all at once (which to me they are all the same color and I don't like any of those colors). They need to find a happy middle with color and design. Not frumpy but not show everything either. Not all black and gray but those with some pretty jewel tones of greens, pinks, blues for winter and then pretty soft and jewel toned shades for summer. They just don't seem to get what their customers want.

  15. It's been determined that the naval blue and Gator green crbs are luxtreme. I can say that the Bordeaux drama is luon. What about the other colors? Anyone received theirs yet? I'm tempted to order more, but want to avoid the luxtreme ones!

    1. Totally ignorant here about the various fabrics. Can someone describe the difference between luxtreme and luon, please? I ordered the gator green but it hasn't arrived yet. Thanks in advance!!

    2. Luon is a more cottony type of feel and is a Nylon/Lycra blend. Luxtreme is a slicker type of feel and has a bit of a sheen to it. If you own any running bottoms (pace rivals, speed tights, inspire tights, goal crusher crops) those are luxtreme. It's a great fabric for high intensity workouts because of this. Some people don't like the luxtreme CRB's though because they wear as a staple piece in their daily wardrobes and prefer the luon fabric. These 2 are different than the printed luon crbs which tend to have a higher polyester content but are still call luon.

    3. Speaking as a yogi, I dislike luxtreme for tops and bottoms because the slippery-ness of it makes my tops ride up in chaturangas. The luon fabrics tend to stay in place.

    4. Same here, anon 7:59 AM. Yogi here too and also dislike Luxtreme tops and bottoms for the same reasons. I'm sad to see less and less Luon offerings these days.

    5. I'm la lifter/cardio gym goer. I personally love Luxtreme for bottoms, especially new full-on because it keeps you cool and also makes you look thinner due to high compression. Luxtreme has no pulling issues either . It stays put on me. I'm also liking Nulux fabric and Nulu, but Nulu for casual wear only. I also noticed they are making more Luxtreme bottoms now and super excited about that. But I prefer Luon or light Luon for tanks

    6. Just to update, I must be one of the last ones to get her CRBs from the US shop. I'm in Jamaica, and a friend brought them down for me. All CRBs are Luon, I'm happy to report, although I wouldn't have minded Luxtreme too terribly.

  16. Would love some help with crb sizing, I've never bought one before. I'm 5'5 112 lbs. Usually get a 6 in swiftly, should I get a 4 or 6 in crb? Thanks in advance 🙂

    1. I am also size 6 in swiftlies and get a 6 in CRBs too. you don't want your CRBs to be too tight or they will show any bump you might have (if you do have any!). plus they might be too tight under your arm.

    2. I am a 4 in swiftlies and get a 4 in CRBs. If you prefer a looser fit, you could go up a size. But I think this one is a TTS. Both are too long on my short torso but fit well everywhere else.

    3. It might depend on how big you are around the chest. If you're very blessed on top you might need to go with a 6, but given your height and weight I'd say you sound like a 4. I'm 5'2", 135 lbs but carry all my weight below the waist, so being 34 A with a small rib cage, I still prefer to wear a four. I find the straps end up too long on the 6.

    4. I'm 5-9, 135 and am quite muscular. I have some in both size 4 and 6, and because of my broad shoulders the 4 are a bit tight under the arm but not uncomfortably so. 6 are loose in the stomach. I would personally guess you are a 4 or a 2. I think a 6 would be quite loose on you. It might ve worth getting both sizes in different colors depending on your budget. I like the longer, loser size 6 paired with leggings, and the size 4 paired with speed shorts. If I wear a 6 with speeds the tank is so long my shorts are 90% covered! (Speeds are also quite short though 😉 ). I hope that helps! I love the CRBs and hope you do too! Sorry I don't wear swiftly tanks so I can't comment on that comparison.

    1. Most of the patterns have been a polyester blend. It won't be luxtreme but it won't be Nylon/Lycra blend of the solid colors either.

  17. I ordered a jet set blue in size 6. I would love to trade someone for a peacock blue 6 or purple iris 6 if anyone is interested.

  18. I received three of my CRBs in the mail today. Both bordeaux drama and regal plum are light luon but the sprinkler one is luxtreme. Just a heads up for y'all.

    1. Update on CRBs rcvd today! Sprinkler is LUON! Not sure why another posted that hers was Luxtreme? Also recvd Iris Flower also was Luon, Pink Shell is also Luon.
      Still waiting on Fatigue, Jet Set and Regal Plum.

    2. So far, from comments, the luxtreme CRBS seem to be: Gator Green, Naval Blue, Sprinkler, and Regal Plum.

      Is this correct?

      Happy new year to everyone! Lea

    3. Confirming. Gator green and Naval blue are both indeed luxtreme. Definitely going back. The material is too slippery and shiny. No way to wear it during hot yoga without it riding up.

  19. My theory is they cheapened manufacture on the crbI and waited till there was a strong market for them because the crbII wasn't doing well and everyone was wanting the crbI and put them on wmtm for a slightly cheaper price, but as you can see they're flying out the door, which with lower manufacturing cost has extremely optimised sales for them. I mean let's face it that tank has probably cost $4 max to produce in Sri Lanka or whatever
    Id say its the best sales tactic they've had all year

  20. Why was my comment deleted about the crb1 released on wmtm probably being Lululemons greatest marketing move this year? They've obviously mass produced it, cut manufacturing costs (and quality) and then released them a while after all the backlash about the crbII when there's a lot of hype and demand for the crbI which has maximised their profits. Everyone's thinking they're on sale at $29 and being discontinued so they're buying in bulk when the tank costs like $4 to make

    1. I don't think that's what happened. Even mass produced stuff takes months to do and stuff like this takes 6 months just to cross the ocean on the container ship. This is why fashion is a year ahead. Fall/Winter for NEXT year is already in production and will be on it's way across the ocean in a couple months already.

      A few months back there were a batch of CRB's released in Luxtreme in black, gray and navy. My guess is they had these colors to upload in luxtreme and never did for some reason. Could have been shipping issues, lost container, boxes got shoved to a corner in a warehouse. Who knows. I thought I heard they used Hanjin which recently filed for bankruptcy and had issues getting companies their containers.

      They have a fast turn team but seriously doubt they'd put out a bunch of luxtreme crb's in spring/summer colors that other countries got during that season and N.A. did not. Plus they wouldn't waste the higher labor costs of the fast turn team on CRB's.

  21. I'd be ticked if I ordered a Luon CRB and it arrived as a Luxtreme CRB. Really shouldn't have to be a guessing game or a gamble when ordering online. It should be made clear which is which.

    I would have been interested in a few of the Luon ones if they had of been available in Canada. Now glad they weren't seeing how many of them are turning out to be Luxtreme.

    Also, I agree with the comment above, that the tanks aren't really a super fantastic deal at $29 considering how they are made. I would definitely rather pay $29 than $42, don't get me wrong, but like to keep my head on right and not lose it completely whenever something goes on sale, lol. It can be too easy to lose our minds seeing something being marked down. Also honestly think the herd mentality kicks in seeing other comments and such on the blogs which increases the FOMO, etc and just adds fuel to the fire, lol.

    1. So much this, lulu thrives on FOMO and herd mentality. Everyone should take note though that you CAN RETURN IT, if it was labelled as luon online and arrived as luxtreme as that is misrepresentation and legally you're entitled to a return

  22. Whether they had them hidden away (sort of doubt it) or manufactured them (they could have with the crbii coming out over 6 months ago) they have still sold a tonne of it and at final sale, so if it was hidden then they just chose the right time to offload it without people returning it and make a profit. I highly doubt they got their high last quarter profits without calculative measures like that. But I could be wrong, hopefully new reviews for the crbi on the site will show i am

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