City Bound Dress TTS 10

I really get this dress. It was designed for a very near post Trump dystopian future in which space travel migration to mars is the only alternative. 

In all fairness, the only thing I found truly terrible about this dress was the neckline and how the material did not drape, it just held its shape like an odd funnel neck that also disappeared my DD’s. Actually, I also didn’t like the drop waist seam on me. This dress was all sorts of weird odd proportions and material movement that will really only work on those women in which everything looks amazing on. 

I love the idea of a sweater dress made out of sweatshirt material but this spacer fabric doesn’t drape elegantly, it creates a new shape for you. I’m not down with that. I like having a humanoid feminine shape. 

Yes Fleece Pullover TTS 10

This pullover was ‘ok’ but nothing special for me. The sides unzip so you can have a looser fit. The length is nice to the upper mid hip preventing it from looking too boxy. It’s warm and cozy so if you are in the market for a basic fleece pullover, this one is nice. 

Wild And Free Tank size 10

This tank was really pretty! I loved the color which is a vibrant electric blue I think is called ‘shocking blue’ which is currently on the US side. The seriously light luxtreme actually felt a bit like thin RULU. I think I’d size up in this tank to a 12 because the material is so thin and slinky that it really hugs every lump which you can see in the photo below, but staying TTS is fine too. The v neck is quite nice in this though and I like this tank 1000x more than the Cool Racerback II so I’m considering this for a future purchase.

  1. Ha! I love your scenario for the practicality of the City Bound Dress! In all seriousness though, if Trump were to become our President our country would be in dire straits- I can't believe what half of my beloved country has deemed a proper leader. I digress… I like the tank, but the price?!?! $64!!! GAH

    1. After hearing Trump's latest gaff about seducing women if he became President I think we'd all have to start wearing these dresses to keep ourselves safe from his wandering hands.

    2. @Anon 7:39pm – It's less than half, thankfully.

      @Lottie_Lulu – That's brilliant! We should buy all the City Bound dresses now so we can share with others if that dreaded time comes.

    1. To 4:11: Thanks for the tip about looking on the UK side for that specific tank. I should have not peeked because I miss that version of the Lululemon website — it's easy to navigate. I am curious about this tank because as the straps go up the top on the front side, they get thinner — that's very appealing as it gives it a bit of flare.

  2. The dress and pullover are both plain, boxy and super ugly. I would never ever wear either of these items, not even if I was paid to, they're both really unflattering designs imo. Loved your opening sentence with your thoughts on the dress 🙂 Honestly believe all of this is overpriced.

    1. forgot to mention, a lot of these super fugly designs recently (the dress and pullover posted above, the Belle stuff, etc) have all reminded me of all the crappy &go stuff they used to make…. just seems like the same kind of stuff except without the "&go" added to the name/description…

  3. If The City Bound line is "brought to you by Lee Holman, and he thinks this spacer fabric in any way is flattering on a woman's body than I really fear for where this company is headed. This spacer fabric is so unflattering to the body. You are exactly right LLM that this fabric creates a new body shape and not in a good way. I actually think this dress design would have worked better with stretch French Terry. As for the sweatshirt I don't like the zippers on the side especially when they are open, it makes the front look very wide and boxy. When zipped up the fit looks much better on you. I think I would be worried about wearing this top over any luxtreme or luon pant in the fear that the zippers would snag the fabric worn underneath, do you think that would be an issue? I also have to say no to the Wild and Free Tank as I don't wear tanks with such thin material that hugs the body and as you say shows all the lumps and bumps. I am surprised you were able to do new product fit reviews on a Saturday.

    1. You are so right about this spacer fabric. I never bought Tencel from Lululemon, bought Boolux judiciously, and I will never buy Spacer. It does not drape well, sticks away from the body, makes you look 10 pounds heavier, not warm enough in cold weather, and I don't think it ventilates well in humid temperatures. We will see the garments made out of this fabric on sale ($4.00 off!) soon, that's my prediction.

  4. Thank you for your review! Wish that tank was all made from the same fabric.
    OT: has anybody noticed Insculpt jacket that was stealth uploaded? It kinda reminds me scuba II. I am debating if I should get that or City bound hoodie.

  5. The dress – all time worst!!! You have a third boob in picture number 3!
    Thanks for being so brave.

    Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

  6. The shapes are odd, but man green sure is your color. Just like the swiftlies. The first picture of you in the pullover – the green plus your hair, skin, lip color is just gorgeous!

  7. I agree with anon 7:00, you rock that shade of green and make that pullover look good. Which by the shape of it, is impressive. I think the city bound dress should be renamed the potato sack dress. That is what it looks like you are wearing. And not to discount your kind comments, but I think EVERY woman will look like they are wearing a potato sack. Since that what it is….

  8. What in the world is this crap!?!? Oh my goodness. I'm saving so much money these days. However, it's pretty sad that lulu just can't seem to produce stuff that are selling on Ebay for $400+. Hellooooooooo QUIET STRIPE WU CROP!!! Dotti Tribe tights! And please bring Scuba Hoodie II BACK!

  9. The dress reminds me of the potato sack dresses in the I Love Lucy episode. Lol! It should be called the City Bound Sack.

    The top is no better. The prices, even worse.

    I don't understand how this stuff is getting past the drawing board stage. For Potdevin to discontinue the Dance Studio Pants because they were to "matronly" (I think this is what he said) but then come out with this the latest round of disasters. I'm not quite sure what is going on over there. I don't even know what "market" they are aiming for anymore. It used to be the athletic one of all ages with clothes that performed well – yogi's, runners, weight lifters. Now the price points are for those in their 40's and 50's with extra income after raising families but their patterns seem skewed to the not a lot of extra spending money high school/college/young adult market.

    1. I am confused about their strategy too! Prices for more mature people (with more disposable income) but for prints geared towards a younger age group (patterns are just too loud for some people).

  10. I don't think the majority of their styles this year are focusing on the 40-50 year old customer. I am in that age range and I didn't buy one tank top this summer because they were either too sheer, backless, armholes too long and wide, redesigned CRBll and DSP, the list goes on and on. The first month and a half of Fall most of the designs have been cropped tops which I will never buy. Thanks to Mr. Potdevin and Mr. Holman I have saved a whole lot of money that so easily could have been theirs had they not strayed so far off LLL course.

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