1. LLM: LOVE your blog and all your hard work! Thanks so much for all you do!
    Sadly I see Nike &athleta not LLL
    I'm sure people new to the brand may like this color combo, but after buying for 10 years, and going through my closet, remembering the color "stories" and truly new styles, nothing this year is breathtaking…like so many others I stalked the uploads, and I now I find myself forgetting about it..

    1. Actually Athleta has so much more classier prints and styles now and have totally stepped up their game. I don't think Athleta would stoop to this level. I feel Athleta now looks more like LLL than LLL does. Lol! I've made the jump over for several items now and minus some very basic basics like speeds and swiftly tops (but only on MD and not at the new prices – Athleta now has a similar top so that may be the next jump) my Lulu habit is pretty broken.

      Nike – that I definitely agree with. Never liked Nike quality or patterns/prints.

    2. I really like Athleta more and more now, as well. I think Athleta even has a fabric that feels similar to Rulu. I was at my local Costco last weekend and they had a promotion for some unknown (at least to me) brand of active wear. The fabric on one of the long-sleeve run tops felt very much like buttery soft rulu in similar heathered colors (royal blue and black). I was wearing my bruised berry Tuck & Flow, so I could do an immediate feel comparison. Now only if one of those other competitors would make a style similar to the Tuck & Flow, I would snap that up imnmediately!

  2. agreed with D.D. above me. I actually went into my local Lulu store on Sunday after like 4 months and just walked right out again. I can't stand what's happening to what used to be my fave athletic brand 🙁
    LLM – have you ever ordered from Tikita? They're Canadian and their prices seem reasonable. I just haven't heard any first hand experiences from anyone and waiting for some review before I pull the trigger…

    1. Re:Titika – I will try to get to the store in downtown Toronto when I'm there this Thursday, finger the merch and report back. Their website is fabulous.

    2. Hi I recently bought a top with a built in bra from titika and the material is silky and luxurious. I got a 0 when I'm usually a LLL 2 and the fit is pretty similar except slightly more generous in the bust which I prefer! I'm so impressed I've placed another order, this time for pants! 🙂 I know sizes can vary across styles but they do have returns on non final sale stuff. I've lost a lot of interest in LLL lately so I've been trying stuff out from other brands. I think sweaty Betty is pretty spectacular in quality and fit. Runs a little bigger in tops cause they mostly do xs to xl and I'm a 2 in LLL. XXS in sweaty Betty would be a 2 in LLL. 🙂

  3. I used to buy a ton of lululemon and miss the old lulu. The Boom Bloom Chartreuse is so ugly. Usually their winter line is the best, but seriously disappointed the last 1-2 years. The only good thing this year has been their blue hues and the design of the All the right places crop.

    1. I agree that Fall/Winter is usually when I spend the most money at LLL but so far this Fall I have spent very little and 2016 is turning out to be the least amount I have spent in a year for a long time.

  4. I was in my store this morning and saw the Florence Tights. They just got them in and had not put them on the floor yet so I was unable to see the price tag and check for sheerness. They should be online later today since they are in stores now. I tried on a lot of pieces today and the only things I liked were the All Day Sweatpants and All Day Tee s/s. I didn't buy anything in store as I will buy online and use my Ebates!

  5. This is Anon 10:34a.m. I meant to say the All Time Sweats and tops and they only come in grey, black and cream. The All Time Sweatpants are a bit snug in my size but would probably loosen up over time, I wouldn't size up in them. The All Time s/s was really nice but I just don't know when I would wear such a warm s/s top. The All Time Tank was a tts, not snug or tight but it pulled in front from both sides so this was a no for me and again I don't know when I would wear a tank in such a warm material.

  6. I can't handle these prints. On another note – has anyone tried the Mantra Toque or Top knot toque. Trying to figure out which one would be better for everyday fall/winter use (not running), just long walks etc…

    1. The top knot toque is the bomb! You get 3 looks in one. You can wear it as a headband, a hat or a neckwarmer depending on the weather and even switch it up if the weather changes on you.

  7. Whenever I walk by an athlete store window I always think shameless lulu knock offs. This years it's the addition of a wine/berry colored pant and herringbone. I also can never get it to fit right. I agree there are some nice prints in the pants but I do feel like I see them on everyone. I still find lots of Lulu things I like, maybe not as much as I used to but there comes a time when your closet gets full and it's hard to find new pieces that fit a need in your collection. That's why speed shorts and crbs were so great. They were inexpensive enough that you could gobble up any color/print you like with out to much damage. I still look forward to the upload…maybe more out of habit but I love seeing the pictures and reading try on reports and witty banter. Although lately it's more complaining about the brand than try on reports. I still love it.

    1. Colors will be similar because that was what was set by Pantone for the entire fashion industry. Athleta has come a long way and several of my pieces get a ton of compliments and I never see anyone have. But yes, some stuff on me is hit and miss size wise – no different than Lulu.

      I feel the same. Speed shorts and CRB's were great buy every week pieces that wouldn't break the bank. I moved over to swiftlies for tanks and though a few $$$'s more was still able to purchase the new color. Now with the price increase I haven't bought but one pair of speeds and only because I had to damage out a piece that paid for it. Lol!

      It's really sad what has happened under Potdevin. While Christine Day was horrible, at least uploads were cohesive and they still had their "feel". I hated Chip's mouth but wish he'd do a hostile takeover of his company and bring it back to what made it a success.

  8. Does anyone think the bordeaux drama all the right places crop with stock up with sizes? Serious FOMO on not adding them to my collection

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