Ebates Coupons and Cash Back FYI, the Lululemon ebate of 2% cash back went up to 6% today! I hope that sticks around for next upload.


My Alo Airbrushed High Waist Capris/Glossy Black arrived! I love them! The high waist is just like Lululemon high waist Wunder Under Crops but the glossy black finish on these are very edgy and look like faux leather without being too shinny.  I love that these feel like soft breathable luon but suck you in and smooth you out.
TTS: L = Lululemon size 10

Alo Airbrush Leggings


Alo Airbrush Leggings


Alo Airbrush Leggings


A reader was requesting a photo of the Rush Hour Jacket I got the other day. I love this jacket and have decided to keep it over the Lakeside Blue Define Jacket for now, although I may just keep both if I can swing it. I find this jacket warm and really cozy and soft. Most people have sized up in this jacket for a less fitted look and I wish I had as well but I’m sticking with the one I ordered since it it’s really fine in this size, I just wish I had the added length of the size up. It’s also sold out online and never made it to any stores in this color for some strange reason.


Ebates Coupons and Cash Back

  1. I love, love the Alo capris on you!!! So cute! Did you stay TTS? I was going to with my TTS, but then I read some reviews other places that said the airbrush ones fit tight. How well does the fabric stretch?

    1. Thank you! I've been wanting to order a pair for a while, but was never sure about size. They look awesome on you. I could totally see adding a pair of heels and a fancy top for night out!

    2. I forgot to post that. I went with an L and I take a Lululemon size 10 – I find them to fit pretty much the same as high waisted wunder under crops, very slightly snugger.

    1. Yes, Lulumum, I've been noticing you looking especially toned and fit lately too! Everything in all of your try on reviews looks so good on you.

    2. Wow! Thank you! I haven't actually. I did the W30 this past September and maybe lost 5, but then gained 3 this week having been a little more relaxed with food. I think my arms are more toned from the lifting and my upper waist is more toned but my stubborn spots are the exact same. Pants still feel the same.

  2. Not sure why this didn't post….I'm in canada and just went thru ebates. Com and ordered a define jacket. From your experience when should I see credit for this in my account…2 days or 1 month? Also I trust that this works even though I'm in canada? And ordered off lll canada site…if you could share your experience that would be great

    1. I haven't gotten to try it out yet but I believe there is a delay when it shows up for you. I'll hopefully get to try it out on Tuesday.

  3. I'm actually really disappointed that Lululemon won't offer their own customer loyalty program. I'm not willing to sign up for ebates just to get the discount but have been a loyal customer for many years and spend a lot of money on Lulu so this makes me sad. Even after all the negative crap that's been going on with Lululemon lately I still stick around and manage to spend a lot of money… for example, last upload I purchased jet set blue define, moonlight magenta swiflty long sleeve, moonlight magenta crbii, and moonlight magenta headband) and previous upload I purchased brave olive swiftly short sleeve and long sleeve and brave olive tatatamer. All of these items except for the headband have had unjustified and insane price hikes, yet they are favourite staple items for me so I continue to purchase them. I don't have money to throw away, I just choose to use my spending money on Lulu and would really appreciate being able to get discounts too… so sad 🙁

    1. ebates is great if you online shop! Every quarter they just send you a check. All you have to do is click before you buy and done.

  4. I am almost about to pull the trigger on the Alo HIgh Rise Airbrush full length tights BUT I also have the Lulu Like Nothing Tights in my cart. What to get? I really want to try the Nulux , but I also heard the Alo are amazing. GAH, not sure what to do… Any thoughts?

    1. I'd like to try them on, but I don't live very near a store (it's almost 2 hours away). I did buy the Alo HR Airbrush leggings from Hemm. The reviews on Carbon38 were glowing so I'd thought I'd give them a go. I read a review recently about the lack of a seam and how it created that crotch type gap (for the Like Nothing Tights I mean), and I think I recall trying on something without a seam and not liking it. I think what was getting me is that so many were comparing it to Aligns in feel, but more compressive. I was immediately intrigued. However, like you, the seam thing and the unfinished hem are not doing it for me. These are the times I wish I was near a store. I only have so much money and paypal available, lol!!

    2. I had the Like Nothing Tights and returned them. Love the material on them and the cut is very slimming but I didn't like the lack of seam at the crotch (I find that looks really weird), and the raw edge at the cuff was stretching out a bit each time I tried them on. They are beautiful though and you should at least try them on.

  5. Hi lulumum! Do you think you'd be able to wear the high waisted Alo crops to CF or do they slide down (a problem I've had with regular Alos in the past). I tend to need a drawstring for CF especially if we're jumping. Thanks!

  6. Thanks for sharing, Lulumum! You look great in the Rush Hour Jacket! and I like that color on you — it's like you are my guide when it comes to what should I buy from LLL, if anything?! Would you say the Rush Hour Jacket runs true to size? Thanks for all your LLL reviews as it surely helps me!!!

  7. I think the Alo Crops look great on you as well as the Rush Hour Jacket in that gorgeous Sapphire Blue. I bought the Darkest Magenta in my tts and personally would not size up in this jacket. I bought the same size in this jacket as the Kanto Katch Me Jacket.

    It's nice to know LLL increased their ebate cash back to 6% as 2% is really not much of an incentive. Maybe some retailers start off low and once they realize it's not much of an incentive at 2% they go higher. I highly doubt any retailer would reduce their cash back percentage. I am curious as to when they are going to ask me how I want to be paid since they didn't do that when I signed up, do you know? I went to LLL through Ebates.com and did get on the Canadian website so I think this may work. Did you sign up for Ebates.ca as well?

    1. i chose the payment method myself once i logged into my profile. you'll see you have 3 options. i think the default one is mailing you a cheque if you never do it. i ended up chosing paypal deposit.

  8. oooh I looove those capris. do you know if they show sweat? nothing I hate more than leaving the gym looking like I just peed myself.
    also, I agree with the top comments- you are looking great!

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