Well this was a really horrible upload time being 2 and a half hours late, and still not being up completely with a ‘What’s new’ landing page. I ended up missing the gym (combination of upload delay and other minor annoyances) which really makes me feel cranky. I didn’t order anything tonight but would have maybe ordered the other print in the Speed Wunder Tights if they’d come up. I purchased the Mixed Marble ones earlier today and did a fit review of them but they are going back to the store to be returned. I was interested in the Essentials Tank in Tonic Sea from the Australia upload but North America didn’t get it yet. 

Did you order anything tonight? 

Essential Tank


Cool Racerback II


Sculpt Tank


Pace Rival Crops


Speed Shorts


Bend And Twist Tank


High Times Pant


Wunder Under Crop High Rise


Speed Wunder Tight *Nulux


Savasana Waterproof Jacket II


City bound Wrap


Insculpt Vest


Energy Bra Nulux


Wunder Under Pant III


Split Short Sleeve


Split Pullover


Outrun 17″ Crop


Down For A Run Vest

looks like they are using last years inventory to fluff up the holes in this Falls uploads. 


All The Right Places Pant II


Wunder Under Pant High Rise

 Sweater sneak peek


  1. Same energy bra and speeds in digital print….oh and pinstripe speed short…kinda looks like it is script but can't tell from pic for sure. Contemplated blue crb but I have so many blue crbs from summer and at a lower price so easy pass. Intrigued by pusley white black wuc but am going to think about it…not sure if I prefer something smaller like speeds

  2. That's not a new sweater. That's the post savasana sweater in heathered denim blue from last year (I only know cuz I have it!) That WUP print is from last year too if I'm not mistaken. Is Lulu seriously putting out items from last year as "new"?

    I got the Florence print energy bra and speeds (will probably return the speeds since I don't like how the print stops in front) as well as the paisley high times to try out.

    1. You are right about the pants. Dramatic static, I think? I have the print as a waistband on my Toasty Tech Tights from last December. I remember trying on the sweater too, around that same time.

    2. yes I thought the same thing! I have a jacket in dramatic static bought last Fall. so it makes sense that the sweater is the post-savasana bolux one. old pics…old lulu…

  3. Yay! So happy they put out the paisley prints in the black/white! I got the energy bra and WUCs. Waffled on the crops or the High Times but decided on the WUC based on price. Debating going back for the speed shorts…though I think shorts season is pretty much over in AB.

  4. Did someone mention seeing run time shorts in paisley print? I wonder if it has a "V" in the front like speed shorts or is it all paisley like the hotty hot shorts?

  5. Wow the Savasana Waterproof Jacket in Canada is a whopping $268., unbelievable. Nothing of interest in this drop. I would sure love to see the Tea Lounge Pant in Alberta Lake make their way to Canada sometime this Fall.

    Old product is popping up here and there (2 in UK drop) as new product at full price instead of marked down on WMTM. This has got to be the only company I know that does this with old inventory as well as putting new price hikes on current inventory and the worst mark down prices I have ever seen by a company trying to move stock not selling.

    1. @anon 8:07 I am still hoping for those pants in Alberta lake too!!! Debating the b/w paisley high times and like the speed shorts & energy bra but want to see the prints in person first..J

    2. @ 8: 07 p.m. Regarding old inventory repriced and brought back out again as "new" …wow, if true, that's super shady. They must think we don't have a memory for their past products.

  6. I ordered the Sapphire Blue CRB II. Very easy pass on everything else.

    I have my fingers crossed for the pretty Jeweled Magenta CRB II to be uploaded to Canada next (was uploaded to Australia this week… or UK… can't remember which one).

  7. I like the sapphire and green colours, but none of the actual items.

    The Down for a Run vests are not last year's stock. I saw them in store and they have the new, interior black size tags, which are new this year. Not the white rip tag.

    1. They're still the same product, so, regardless… Also, all those vests, in all colours, went to WMTM last year and ended up not selling very fast even there on markdown…

      I wish they'd keep the white rip out tags 🙁 I've always loved the rip out tags.

    2. Actually, for Canada, all colours did not make it to wmtm. Cranberry, Green, and a bright pink? (and others?) did. Classic Navy didn't. In Canada, on-line, it sold out at full price. I kept my eye out for wmtm or md in store and would have bought a second one had it made it. I'm sure certain stores had it but in my major city, it didn't happen except maybe a one off I never witnessed. And I don't ever recall seeing white go to wmtm or md. Black is new.

      This is a fabulous vest if you run in true winter condition and know what you need on different days. I don't know about the quality of this year's though. If they bring back something solid, I'm content. Versus creating some sucky, less worthy new product.

    3. Berry, Purple, Green and Light Blue all for sure went to WMTM in Canada. I thought the White one did as well, but maybe not… Black and Inkwell I don't think they did, but they were available at regular price well into the Spring season (We did get a Black one, and the Inkwell got restocked online at some point).

      I'm not complaining about them bringing it back… I wish they'd bring back some of the awesome lightweight jackets with all the cute details (along with function!) they used to do… really missing those kinds of things… I totally agree with you about rather that than creating some less worthy, sucky new product…

    4. I was the one who commented about old inventory as I saw on the UK site yesterday for new product, the Warm Your Core l/s and & Go On The Go(which has since disappeared) which is old stock but maybe it's new to the UK? I wasn't referring to Down For A Run Vest but there has been other product brought back in 2016 from years past, i.e. Runaway Jacket.

    5. Berry Rumble, purple (Tender Violet?), teal green (Forage Teal?), and the light blue Cool Breeze definitely all went to WMTM. And the White, Black and Inkwell ones were all available at regular price well into spring season (some sizes sold faster than others, but there was still a good selection of sizes into Spring season). I remember this because I was watching them, lol! Yes, I have a lulu problem, haha, although not so much anymore, getting fed up with the way they are doing things.

    6. I think the Down For A Run vest is really flattering and pretty, and functional (old Lulu) so it's great that they've brought it back. It's way nicer than the new basic Layer Up Vest and jacket. If you aren't picky about colors, last year some did go to markdown, but not all. I do think the pricing is just right on the DFAR though. They should put out new colors in it like Alberta Lake, Tonic Sea, Muted Mauve (I would have to buy this).

  8. Where are the Fluffin Awesome items that Australia got in May? Last year our winter items were out in August. I was waiting for the non shiny Fluffin awesome jacket in hero blue.

  9. ugh. lulu can upload whenever they choose. did they ever state that it was at a specific time each week? lol. get to the gym.

    1. You have a good work ethic, Lulumum. Last night must have been frustrating for you too. I know if I can't get to the gym for whatever reason, it feels like playing hooky, lol.

    2. They did. Live chat confirmed that they typically do the upload on Tuesdays.
      I know it seems silly to wait around for it and I probably wouldn't if I didn't blog about it. But I like being consistent with my blog so the idea of not providing a post live feels like showing up late to work. Don't worry, I'm heading to the gym now.

    3. Thanks! I just love tending to my blog so the work ethic part comes easily. It was frustrating mostly because I had one of those days where I was fighting every excuse in my head not to go, and then the upload was late. It was the right decision anyways because I have some patella tendonitis and a callous that ripped on my hand on Saturday so it was good to take the night off from lifting. But there is always the guilt! lol!

  10. I purchased the Inkwell FTBW bra because I hadn't seen many new ones come out in that style and it's my absolute favourite so I am stocking up while I can in case it gets taken away. I didn't grab anything else from this upload but got the Mini Diffusion White/Black speeds that were uploaded to Canada last week. Hopefully they are as nice in person as they look online! None of the stores in Canada seem to have gotten them in so mail day will tell!

  11. I picked up the Marbled mix speeds and the matching new energy bra today in store. Loved the nulux in the bra, super comfortable and was surprised how good the pattern looked on me together. Didn't even attempt the pants. The print on the shorts/bra is great but on the pants it's just too much. Overall happy with this new outfit. My store didn't have the paisley high times yet so I'll either wait or order online….

  12. It's weird the last few uploads if I look the next day there's a bunch more stuff on there. I don't stress anymore as stuff is never sold out. I'd like the crew neck love tee from last week but haven't pulled the trigger. I'm waiting on midnite bloom and Bali breeze sculpt tank ?

  13. Speed Wunder Tight COMPLETLEY SEE THRU even when just standing and not even bending over. Lulu sales girl told me she can see the tag right thru the pants. I like Speed Tights but I will NOT buy in NULUX. I was also wearing nude color Namastay Hipser. Too bad. Sales girl thinks they will pull them off the shelves or go on MD right away. She said every customer who tried these on said they are see thru…. oh well. Another "pantsgate" LOL

    1. … and they're trying to justify their crazy price with this nulux fabric… smh… ridiculous. Same with the nulu fabric last year, it isn't any better than any other fabric they've had, maybe even worse with all the pilling issues. Every time Lululemon comes up with some new name for fabric or some other dumb thing like that it seems to only be a way to justify their crazy price hikes. If they really wanted to improve the quality of their fabric then they could probably very easily just go back to the fabrics they were using from the very beginning… but they really don't want to do they…

    2. I also don't think digital prints should justify it either. There are other brands who do digital printed bottoms and they are a lot cheaper than Lulu. (Werkshop for ex.)

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