I’ve been so intrigued to try this new material NULUX in the Speed Wunder Tights because I’ve heard a ton of hype about the material from educators, and a few shoppers that have tried them on over the past couple of days. The stores have been really excited about this product drop. The pants feel really amazing on but I do have some issues with them as well as some positives which I will be definitely highlighting here. 

First of all the feel is like a combination of old soft and stretchy luxtreme, and RULU. What gives it this feel is the added lycra fibres and the looser knit and smoother finish. It’s very silky in the way that old luxtreme Inspire crops where before they changed the material blend. The trade off with this amazing  feeling luxtreme is that it’s also pretty sheer in lighter colors and as you stretch it over your hand you can see flesh color peek through on the lighter parts. If you are wearing non nude underwear, you will likely see it. The fabric composition is 83% nylon, 17% lycra

Another issue I have with these is the price. With tax, these came out to $154.56 which is just absurd to me. Absurd especially because Align pants in NULU, the last ‘new’ material that was released, the price wasn’t jacked up like this. I don’t really get the $60 increase in price for these. The ‘engineering’ of the print may validate a slight price increase of $10, maybe even $20 would be tolerable if they are really spectacular and slimming. Like other readers have mentioned though it doesn’t seem as if this print was contoured to flatter shape because of the way the print is asymmetrical at the butt. You tell me, I’m pretty curvy and have shorter legs, does this print do any miracles for me? I think it’s really nice and it really highlights curvature but I don’t find it lengthening or slimming. 

Issue #3, because of the nature of this material and the way the design is in the front torso region, this will give the illusion of camel toe. Actually, the material itself will cause minor camel toe, and then the print will really highlight and exaggerate it, and then the black contrast sticking will put an exclamation point on it.  Hence, my tee pulled down to cover the area. 

Issue #4 these pants are not at all compressive so I’m surprised these are running pants. To me these are perfect for crossfit indoors but if you need a bit of supportive bounce absorption in your material, you may not like these. Thankfully I didn’t find that the lack of compression highlighted cellulite but it also didn’t suck me in the way luon or luxtreme typically does. I like a bit of compression in the butt area, especially since I’m usually dressed in my gym clothes at school drop off and at grocery shopping on my way to and from the gym. 

I love the feel of this material and would like to see a basic dark or neutral in this like the darker part of this print. If the entire pant was the black with herringbone shadow showing through I think these would have been absolutely amazing for me. I think the other print (shown below in the Energy Bra) will be better for me. I did really like this print a lot more than I thought it would but for a neutral it is very loud, and I’m not sure if I feel it’s flattering enough on me. But at the same time I think it’s a really cool print and kind of special. I’ve brought these home for now but my workout fit review in these is going to have to wait until I’ve fully decided if I’m committing to these, or waiting until a different print comes out. 

Positives: Feel amazing and light, breathable, cool, sweat wicking, cozy. Neat print, neutral

Negatives:  price (!!!), sheerness, potential issues with camel toe, lack of compression, lack of proper run pockets. 

Speed Wunder Tight *NULUX TTS 10

Reverse side of the material and fabric composition

You can see the print shows through on the reverse side.

You can see the sheerness at stretch in these next two photos. 


Here are some more pictures at home with a slimmer tank (Cool Racerback) and natural light.

Speed Wunder Tight Mixed Marble Print 


  1. I don't think I actually understand the point of the Speed Wunder tights. No compression, virtually no pockets…what exactly is meant to be functional about these? To me there is nothing about these that are Speed tight-adjacent – they're just WUP with a zippered back pocket and a laughable price tag.

    1. Agreed. I have no use for these. Glad for others that do, but I just need the regular original Luon Wunder Unders for yoga (with original waistband, without any mesh and without a bunch of weird seems please).

    2. I really love the Speed tights and wear them all the time (like several times a week), so I was really excited when these first rolled out since they never seem to release new Speed tights anymore and I fear they're going the way of other much-loved items. I'm just perplexed about what kind of customer would want these, which don't really seem like the best fit for running or yoga. I'd rather have two separate pairs that do their job well for their given task than one pair that doesn't perform well for anything.

  2. Hmmm… the no compression thing is a little strange for high intensity workouts. Seem like a yoga pant or maybe if you're having a light lifting day. How is the waist? Is it traditional WU, or more like the aligns?
    Interesting that the features are so minimal for the price (!!!). For that retail, they should have all the bells and whistles.
    Thank you so much for the review!

    1. The waist is the same as most of the luxtreme running crops with a little back zip pocket. I'd call it a mid rise pant, not high rise like aligns.

  3. The print is stunning matched with your blue shirt but they def aren't miracle pants lol. Shape-wise it looks much better on you with the tank top than the curved hem shirt (which accentuates curves a little too much).

  4. I like to think my butt is pretty decent but WOW these do not do anyone any favors, myself included. They are super awkward looking from the back view, and not particularly flattering from the front. I also found that they tend to go white, especially in the areas that are already lighter or look more faded. Don't actually mind the pattern but the fact that they're so unflattering, not compressive, and missing practically all details makes them an easy pass.

  5. Yes I would agree that the pattern has a widening effect on front so that would be a no go for me….but I don't think they look so bad from side and back…mostly the front. I am interested in the lace print ones….the bra looks nice…can't wait to see if upload has other surprises

  6. Looking back now…the person mentioned straight hem vs curved…yes the straight hem makes them look good…it's the curved hem that plays with the eyes….I don't think they look horrible with straight hem tank. Print kinda reminds me of the bleacher stripe crop in black white grey from last year…have those already so easy pass especially at price point…can't buy everything gotta be selective

  7. Thanks LLM for taking one for the team and giving us a fit review, pros, cons and pics of the SWUT. Firstly I agree with 2:58pm that they look good from the back more so than the front and side but if it were me I wouldn't pay that kind of money for a print I was on the fence about. I would wait for a print or solid I really love before shelling out that kind of cash. To be honest though for that price and touting this to be such a fabulous fabric why didn't they design a product with this fabric that really suited a specific activity? Also, why do a print in this pricey fabric that is sheer not to mention a camel toe with an exclamation mark! You made with LOL with that remark!

    The paisley bra looks nice but they ruined the speeds in this print placing the different pattern in front in the shape of a V.

  8. Thanks for the great review! I was super curious about these but sad about the nonfunctionality (is that a word)? And of course the price. I think a horizontal print is hard to pull off unless you are very tall and thin.But I don't particularly care for that print. Speed tights need the pockets and cute butt seam.

  9. Thanks for the review, these are an easy pass for me. Not the most flattering of pants, you have a much nicer figure than these show. If I had the cash to shell out I would wait for a better color or print to come along. From all the photos I've seen so far, these pants don't look good on any body.

  10. Maybe getting rid of a predictable, reliable upload time is their way of shedding the last vestiges of customer loyalty and good business practices. 😉 They don't seem very interested in maintaining their existing customer base, that's for sure.

  11. Thanks for the review. That's great to know about the feel of the material – sounds very comfortable. This alone won't motivate me to purchase this item from LLL. It would have to be a fantastic, enduring print and look. I'm not into trendy items. This print, however, I would never buy. To begin with, it looks dirty and muddy and that automatically kills it for me. That is also regardless of how hard it is for anyone to pull off this print.

    I've already been looking at other brands that have both bold and neutral themes/prints. They are more appealing than LLL and even if you're starting at around $90-$100 before tax, you're way ahead of the game versus these LLL items. And yes, I'm a long time customer whose business they have been losing for a while.

  12. Thank You so much for these pictures. When I saw those precious little legs sticking out from the bottom of the door, I laughed out loud and then said awwwww! My little peanut is 7 and it just reminded of mine:)

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