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Essentials Tank/Heathered Tonic Sea

I’m liking this Heathered Tonic. 

Chilled Grape

Speed Wunder Tight Nulux/Marbled Mix

I’m so curious to try these on. I wish the paisley/mesh printed ones where coming out at the same time because I prefer the other print better. 

Energy Bra Nulux/Marbled Mix

Essential Rhythm Pant/Deep Green

Insculpt Vest

Cool Racerback II/Jewelled Magenta

Align Crop/Deep Fuchsia

Wunder Under Crop High Rise/Midnight Bloom

Free To Be Zen Bra/Jewelled Magenta

  1. I think I'm already tired of the new midnight bloom print…dunno…reminds me of an old Navy print from last winter…I don't think I even want a bra in it anymore. ..too bad because I loved the pop of colour initially. I do like the essential rythym in black but I can't justify another pair of black leggings…lol see what canada gets tomorrow

  2. I tried on the Marbled Nulux Speed Wunder tight in today and OMG they are a dream! I never buy original WUs or speed tights because the top waist seam bother me but these are super comfy. No squeezing in the song place and the fabric is wonderful. I have a photo if there's an email I can send it to you. The fit is incredible.
    The paisley print is out here (vancouver) also in the WU High rise crop. My size was put in the store so I ordered it.
    My biggest delemma is if I pick up chilled grape scuba. I have heathered regal plum from last year. My fav colours are pink/purple so I'm not sure if I'm crazy for having both. They are very similar (also have a photo of colour comparison)

    1. Robson! When I got in the store there was one of every size hanging. When I left (2 hours later …) there were only 3 left hanging. I imagine these will be an overnight sell out! I'll email you 🙂

  3. I really like the Tonic Sea Essence Tank but I will need to see it in person to check if it's see through or not. I bought the Love Tee Crew in Chilled Grape and that will be my last purchase in that colour because it's too similar to Regal Plum, maybe a bit more pink.

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